Hiremech has had a very busy 2019! As the number one forklift hire company in London, that’s not surprising. But this year has been exceptional, even by our standards!

So, as the year draws to a close, we take a look back over 2019 to celebrate our achievements and growth, and to reflect on the most notable events of the past year.

Acquired by Briggs Equipment

In January 2019, Hiremech was acquired by Briggs Equipment of Cannock, Staffordshire. The acquisition enhances Briggs Equipment’s profile by strengthening its presence in the South East and London. And that’s great news for Hiremech too, in that we now have a whole new range of products to offer our customers, courtesy of Briggs.

Hiremech is now a subsidiary of Briggs, although we continue to trade under our own name and all our current operational contracts remain in place. Now that the acquisition is complete, Hiremech are representatives of the Utilev and Hyster forklift truck brands, as well as maintaining our continued access to JLG Equipment and Hako. The acquisition is great news for Hiremech in that it will allow us to enjoy continued exponential growth in the future.

New product ranges from Hako

We now include Hako and products in our range something that we introduced in 2019.

The Hako machines we supply includes a range of ride-on scrubber dryers and pedestrian sweepers.

Hako pedestrian sweepers are also called “walk behind sweepers,” and they are the easy-to-use alternative to the traditional broom and shovel method of floor cleaning. Pedestrian sweepers work by sweeping the ground while simultaneously collecting and storing dust and debris, and they can be used in both commercial and industrial premises. Our new range of Hako pedestrian sweepers are easy to use, comfortable to operate and come in a range of sizes to suit a whole range of businesses.

The Hako ride-on scrubber dryers that we now supply use powerful jets of water and onboard-stored cleaning solution to scrub the floor clean. A powerful suction mechanism then collects the dirty water, leaving the floor spotlessly clean. Ride-on scrubber driers come in a range of sizes from small, compact models to large industrial machines that are ideal for use in big commercial premises and car parks. A ride-on scrubber drier enables you to carry out the job quicker and more thoroughly than by-hand, presenting a cost-effective, time-efficient solution to businesses that is proving extremely popular.

Continuing to grow towards the future

At Hiremech, we know that forklift sales and manufacturing is a massive growth area that’s fuelled by rising demand. Financial experts and economists predict that the forklift truck market is set to grow exponentially over the forthcoming few years, and a growth rate of 6.9% is predicted. This is a significant figure when you take into account that the forklift market is worth approximately $35.3 billion, and the latest growth predictions expect to see market expansion to around $55.9 billion.

That growth is fuelled by many factors, including a construction industry boom and a proportionate increase in warehouse sizes. Also, green technology is fuelling major economic growth, and electronic forklift trucks are one of the key elements of this incredibly exciting market.

We are continuing to see this growth through our business, which strengthens the position of the industry for the future.

New customers

Hiremech has also welcomed several new customers this year. These are substantial contracts that involve the supply of a range of trucks, as well as ongoing service contracts.

Wastecare uses durable trucks for outdoor use, and they also have an ongoing service contract. Wastecare is a waste management and recycling service that enables waste producers from all industrial sectors to manage their hazardous waste. They have 12 regional recycling centres and a fleet of over 150 collection vehicles.

Camden Town Brewery hires counter-balance and pallet trucks with an ongoing service contract. Camden Town Brewery is a relatively young company that creates and supplies high-quality beers to premises in London and the surrounding areas.

FW Mansfield uses gas and durable trucks for outdoor use and we have an ongoing service contract with them. Kent-based Mansfield’s provides a complete service in fresh produce, specialising in growing top-quality fruit and providing professional packing and storage services.

New team members

In addition to all the aforementioned exciting developments, we have welcomed three sales representatives and three road engineers to our team. These new appointments are vital if we’re to handle the business growth that we’re confident will happen in 2020 and in the years to come. Also, our expanded sales force will be perfectly placed to take advantage of the new products that we are now able to offer our customers, thanks to our new relationship with Briggs.

Final thoughts

Here at Hiremech, we’ve enjoyed a hugely successful 2019!

As well as welcoming new staff members, seeing continued business growth, and launching a wide range of new products, we now come under the umbrella of Briggs Equipment.

That move will enable us to continue to grow the business and build on our success to date, making the future a very exciting place to be.

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