Hako we have a wide range of Pedestrian Sweepers and Ride On Scrubber Dryers. Available in a range of different sizes and for different needs, these machines are suitable for many types of business, and for both indoor and outside use. We will take a close look at pedestrian sweepers and ride-on scrubber drivers to explain how they can help you and your business.

Pedestrian Sweepers

A pedestrian sweeper is sometimes referred to as a ‘walk behind sweeper’, as the operator pushes the sweeper along its chosen path. In simplistic terms, it is the easy-to-use alternative to hiring a cleaner to use a broom and shovel to sweep and clean the floor. These machines are designed to sweep the ground and to collect and then store any dust and debris. Pedestrian sweepers are suitable for both the industrial and commercial sectors. They also come in a range of sizes from compact to large and with a choice of petrol-fuelled motors or battery controlled. Some also have a powered drive to make them even easier to use. Below we will explore the vast range of pedestrian sweepers that are available from Hako, the similarities and differences in the range, plus their features and which businesses or services would benefit from using them.

Common features found in the Hako pedestrian sweepers range

User comfort

Hako pedestrian sweepers have all been built with user safety and comfort at their heart. All of these pedestrian sweepers are user-friendly while integrating a simple operation. User comfort is achieved with the use of an ergonomically shaped, easy-to-grip handle that can be adapted for every user, so no more stooping over the machine and hurting your back. The pedestrian sweeper adapts itself to your height.

Easy to operate

All the machines are also easy to push because they are made from lightweight yet sturdy materials. The Sweepmaster M650 is the smallest pedestrian sweeper and is the only manual option. But, this it is just as easy to push along as the Sweepmaster 800 which is the largest battery or petrol operated sweeper. All motorised options also come with an onboard charger, making them quick and easy to charge up between sweeps.

Non-corrosive body

Each machine is constructed from robust aluminium and a steel frame that is non-corrosive, making the sweeper suitable for all weather conditions. The sweeper is further protected by a shock-resistant plastic frame.

Easy to remove hopper

The hopper in each machine is very easy to remove and empty, leaving very little downtime. You’ll know the hopper is full by the on-screen digital display.

What are the differences?

Manual, battery or petrol

There is a choice between manual and motorised pedestrian sweepers that are either battery or petrol operated. The M60 model is the only manual option, while the 650 and 800 models are available as a petrol or battery-operated model. Which sweeper you choose very much depends upon your working environment and the size of ground that needs to be swept. For example, the Sweepmaster 800 petrol motor would be suitable for large and well-ventilated warehouses, but not for a shop floor.

Range of sizes

You are able to choose the right sweeper for your business needs because they range from compact to large. The Sweepmaster 650 is suitable for small to medium-sized floors, while for narrow hallways and compact spaces, the M600 may be more suitable. All of the pedestrian sweepers have large and robust wheels to navigate changes in height and navigating kerbs, carparks and yards.

Range of applications

The Hako pedestrian sweepers can be used in a variety of environments by many different businesses. These include shop floors, shopping centres, warehouses, factories, offices and in the hospitality industries, such as hotels, bars and gymnasiums.

The Sweepmaster B500 is a great all-rounder as it can be used on both hard and soft flooring. This is highly advantageous when moving from hardwood to carpeted floors, such as in a hotel. The Sweepmaster 650 is well suited for cleaning soft flooring as it comes with an additional carpet cleaning kit. This makes it highly suitable for use in large industrial cleans, where you mainly clean carpets, and on a huge scale. It also comes with a large dust filter. When you need to clean large warehouses or factory floors, then the Sweepmaster 800 is your best option. When you mainly need to sweep narrow corridors, such as in an office building, then the M600 is the ideal pedestrian sweeper for you.

Ride On Scrubber Dryers

As the name suggests, these machines scrub the floor clean using powerful jets of water and cleaning solution that are stored in onboard tanks. Then the powerful suction collects all the dirty water. Ranging from a small compact ride-on scrubber dryer that is slightly larger than a push along machine, all the way through to large industrial machines that are suitable for large commercial premises and car parks.

The ride-on scrubber dryer obviously has many advantages to combining these two tasks that are usually done by hand. The fact that these two tasks can be done more quickly and thoroughly is a huge incentive. They are incredibly time-efficient and coupled with this is that the ride on machines are incredibly cost-effective. This is because these cleaning machines are robust, stand the test of time and get the job done. For example, the Scrubmaster B175R comes with a recovery tank. They are able to clean wide, open spaces and keep the operator safe and comfortable at the same time.

What are the similarities in this range?

Although these ride-on machines differ in size and with varying functions and add ons, they do have many similarities.

Easy to drive

All of the Hako range is very easy to drive and manoeuvre. The maximum speed of each machine is achieved with the use of a single button control. It is advised that you undertake basic training before using these machines, to ensure that they are used correctly and to their maximum potential. They are able to drive effortlessly on different terrains due to their large, easy to grip tyres.

User safety and comfort

User safety is paramount with every Hako ride-on scrubber dryer. Safety measures are built into every machine. This is shown in the Scrubmaster B75R as it comes with the use of a headlight, ensuring it can be used safely in dimly lit areas. Each machine is also incredibly robust and stable when manoeuvring tight corners or turning in a circle, keeping the driver safe at all times. Comfort is also a priority, with ergonomically designed seats that encourage good posture and ease of movement.

Warning lights

The ride-on scrubber dryer comes with useful features such as warning lights to let you know when the water level is low and needs to be topped up. Some models, such as the Scrubmaster B120R, also show warning lights when the brushes and pads need to be replaced.

What are the differences?

Each machine comes with its own unique benefits and user-friendly features to suit your working environment.

Difference in size – Compact to industrial

Choose your ride-on scrubber and dryer according to where you wish to clean. They come in a range of sizes from compact to industrial-sized machines. One of the bigger machines, the Scrubmaster B175R, also comes in a choice of three widths, so that you can choose a machine with wider coverage for areas such as large and open spaces in a car park that would take longer to clean with a smaller and thinner machine.

Cleaning on an incline

Surfaces are not always even, and if you need to clean flooring that is on an incline, then you need a machine that can cope safely and efficiently with this type of terrain. The Scrubmaster B175R can cope easily with inclines of up to fifteen percent. This makes it ideal for cleaning sloping paths, driveways and multi-storey car parks.

Pre sweep before scrubbing

If you want a machine that sweeps the floor before it scrubs and washes, then go for the Scrubmaster B310R as it does this for you. It sweeps and collects dust and debris in the easy-to-remove hopper, before continuing to scrub the floor clean and then drying it. This is a good all-rounder for large industrial floors.

Energy-saving function

When using a large ride-on scrubber, it obviously uses a lot of power and water while scrubbing and cleaning the floor. This means that they cost a lot more to operate than a smaller machine. Luckily, the Scrubmaster B310R comes with an energy-saving function, meaning that when the machine is stationary, the water stops, as do the brushes.

Range of applications

The ride-on scrubber dryer range from Hako is an incredibly versatile group of machines that can be used in a variety of places and for differing business needs.

The Scrubmaster B75R is the smallest ride-on scrubber dryer and is best used in narrow and confined spaces, such as small yards, narrow streets or outdoor patio areas. Larger and more industrial scrubber dryer machines such as the Scrubmaster B310R is the ideal machine for cleaning large factories or multi-story car parks. If you need to clean ground that is uneven or has an incline, then the Scrubmaster B175R is the ride on you should choose.

To learn more about the fantastic range of Hako pedestrian sweepers and ride-on scrubber driers to help your business, then please do browse our website. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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