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Elelectric Scissor Lift London – What’s NEW

Looking for an Electric Scissor lift in London? Great, you’ve come to right place.  Skyjack have added a simple motor controller device which only runs the DC electric motor at the speed required to achieve the desired output in relation to the joystick position. In addition, controllability has been improved by the alteration of machine settings. They have fine-tuned and enhanced steering settings and optimised travel speeds.

Latest technology but still simply reliable.

Skyjack’s DC Electric scissor range has long enjoyed an enviable status for an easy to service low maintenance design in a compact and versatile package. That reputation for simple reliability is a key philosophy that Skyjack has maintained when introducing the DC motor controller to the range. So even with the latest technology, you can be confident that Skyjack has retained a very serviceable and simple control system. Get in touch if you are looking for an electric scissor lift for hire in London, or for a scissor lift for sale in London.

All this while maintaining the standard features that make the Skyjack DC electric scissor the most popular scissor in the world.

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Excellent Quality

Skyjack’s renowned DC scissor range is now even better

We have taken the proven control system technology used in the SJ12 and SJ16 vertical masts and applied it to our range of DC scissors (SJIII 3215, SJIII 3219, SJIII 3220, SJIII 3226, SJIII 4626 and SJIII 4632). Skyjack has successfully produced a machine that provides:

  • Significantly improved battery life, which gives more available work time
  • Reduced recharging time that decreases energy consumption and lowers carbon foot print
  • Increased controllability, beneficial when working in confined areas.
  • Reduced operational noise levels

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Why choose Hiremech?

Our electric scissor range comes with a range of benefits:

  • Robust all steel construction which is strong,durable and reliable
  • Excellent accessibility to all major components, designed with easy maintenance and service in mind
  • Hard wired, relay based control systems with standard colour coded and numbered wiring
  • Commonality of approach across the range, requires less familiarisation
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • Low life cycle costs

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