London’s number one forklift supplier Hiremech can find you the perfect Hyster Lithium-ion forklift machine.

Reliable Strength and Performance

Expect nothing less than the robust performance that the Hyster brand is known for. These forklifts are ideal for tasks in yards, warehouses, or loading docks, providing quick response, steady lifting power, and speeds up to 16km/h. With capabilities to lift up to 3.5 tonnes and reach up to 6m, these trucks are user-friendly and align with the familiar features of the Hyster line-up, ensuring efficient operation.

Competitive Pricing

The Hyster J1.6-2.0UTTL and Hyster J1.5-3.5UTL series are priced to attract a broad market. These products are engineered to maintain a low Total Cost of Ownership, making them a prudent investment for various applications.

Advantages of Lithium-Ion Technology

Enjoy the full benefits of lithium-ion batteries, which achieve a complete charge in roughly two and a half hours. These durable batteries can also be topped off as needed during short breaks to accommodate round-the-clock usage and can be replaced easily thanks to their convenient under-seat placement.

Low-Maintenance Needs

These forklifts are not only easy to maintain, but also benefit from the low-maintenance nature of lithium-ion batteries. They require no cleaning or watering, and their rapid charging does not degrade their lifespan.

Robust Support Network

Backed by Hyster’s extensive lift truck distribution network, these vehicles come with the assurance of proactive support and quick parts availability, minimizing downtime and keeping your operations on track.

Comprehensive Warranty

Feel secure with the extensive coverage provided by Hyster, including a 5-year or 7500-hour warranty on factory-fitted lithium-ion batteries, safeguarding your investment.

Emission Reduction

These electric trucks do not produce tailpipe emissions, assisting your business in complying with environmental regulations and achieving sustainability goals.

Space Efficiency

Optimize your space by eliminating the need for large battery storage and charging stations required for lead-acid batteries. These compact lithium-ion models simply need to be parked and plugged in, eliminating the necessity for spare batteries.

Explore Your Options with Lithium-Ion Technology

The ideal power source and forklift model depend on your specific operational requirements, including the nature of tasks, operational intensity, operator preferences, budget constraints, and more.

Consult the Hiremech team to find the perfect forklift to meet your industrial handling needs or call our friendly team on: 020 8880 3322

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