About The Job

When London Gatwick Airport wanted to improve the handling and replacement of electric motors of the ‘Inter Terminal Shuttle System’, they called in Hiremech to solve the problem and design a solution.

Hiremech surveyed the incredibly tight and unique maintenance area and designed a bespoke stacker which was then manufactured by Robur. The safe handling of the motors was the focus, which weigh 500kg and needed to be handled from the underside of the Shuttle cars when removed.

Ben Creighton, Senior Sales Executive, then further identified another opportunity and added a bespoke tyre handling attachment when they needed to remove and replace the tyres.

The Solution

Darren Hollis, Senior Engineering Manager at Gatwick Airport, said: “Hiremech were able to deliver a bespoke solution for this and then further improve the design and add a bespoke tyre handling attachment. This piece of equipment is in regular use, and it has significantly improved the safety and speed of which we can maintain this incredibly important part of London Gatwick Airport’s infrastructure.”

Carlos Gomez, Engineering Manager Shuttle & LSS at Gatwick Airport, added: “The Shuttles than run between Gatwick’s North and South Terminals are thoroughly maintained, but we are always looking for safer and more efficient ways of working. One of our challenges is the lifting of heavy components in restricted spaces, and particularly the electric motors used on the Shuttle.” 

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