Did you know that Hiremech keep London going without you even realising it? Without us, a lot of important projects in London wouldn’t be successful. In fact, our job is as important as that of the London Ambulance Service.  We are the largest forklift company in London, providing forklifts to over 2,000 customers around the city.

The job of a forklift driver is quite demanding, however it can also be quite interesting at times as they get the opportunity to meet different people all the time, including celebrities and public figures, depending on where exactly they work.

Here are a few quick facts about Hiremech that you may not have known about:

  • Our CEO Paul Green is a really nice guy. He’s the reason we are successful today, and very good at what we do.
  • We have historically taken part in a Tetley advert – one of our men drove the forklift in the shoot, which we supplied
  • We are a preferred supplier for the London Underground Service – we look after all their forklift trucks and mics equipment. When you hear about “engineering works” whilst using the underground service, just know that Hiremech is involved.
  • We have previously worked with:

–         The Royal Opera House

–         Nike Events

–         Wembley Arena

–         M & M Gig at Wembley

–         Excel Centre

–         Artist Expo – Daniel Silver

–         London Tattoo Convention

–         BBC One Show

–        London Marathon

–         London Fashion Week

–          Winter Wonderland

  • We have also provided electric vehicles for the likes of:

–         The Royal Chelsea Hospital – they host the annual Chelsea Flower Show

–         Institute of Cancer Research

–         Royal Parks

–         William Curley – Chocolatier

–         University of Greenwich

As you can see, what we do at Hiremech is very important to society. We do not just provide forklifts, but also electric vehicles which are both needed in different areas of the working world, from hospitals to construction sites to movie shoots. You can look through our website for more information on the different types of vehicles we provide.

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