The World Wrestling Entertainment Group has been a loyal Hiremech customer for years, regularly using our rental service to move equipment from their Enfield base to the BT Studios in London, where TV shows such as RAW and Smackdown are filmed. When WWE decided it was time to purchase a forklift, our team were ready to go the extra mile to deliver, providing an excellent example of Hiremech’s unparalleled expertise and dedication to supporting a wide range of businesses across London.

Davey Coates, Production Manager for WWE, explained “We have been using Hiremech for years now and they always deliver quality equipment for weekly rentals on short notice. As we continue to get busier, we realised that we should probably invest in our own forklift.”

In this instance, a standard forklift wouldn’t fit the bill. This was no match however for the expert team at Hiremech, who are skilled in providing tailored solutions to fit customer’s exact specifications. Davey Coates commented “We needed a higher mast than usual to enable us to utilise as much of the racking space as possible. Hiremech was able to provide a solution, even introducing us to the racking company. Hiremech ensured that the whole experience was incredibly easy and took care of every detail once I agreed to go ahead.

“They even painted the forklift in WWE colours, and it looks absolutely fantastic!”

Brian Lacey-Smith, Key Account Manager at Hiremech, is the first point of contact for WWE’s materials handling requests, and said “From the outset, we were thrilled to assist such a well-known organisation. Over the years, we have not only built a great relationship with the team at WWE but have developed a keen understanding of their materials handling requirements, so when they enquired about a purchasing a forklift, we went the extra mile to provide a unique solution to fit the business.”

If you’re considering renting or purchasing a forklift, Hiremech is here to help. Get in touch with the team today by clicking here or call us on 020 8880 3322.

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