Have you noticed that we’ve created an animation which we’ve displayed on the site? This has been in the making for quite some time now and something we are really pleased with here at Hiremech.

The idea came from a discussion we had in the office about ways we could celebrate the fact we are based in London. We wanted something that showed our Caterpillar forklifts and JCB Teletruk working with or Transport Lorries like they do every day! We have so many trucks in interesting parts of London! We also wanted to show off the forklift service side to our business.

When the demo of the animation came back from our design company we knew we were on to something special straight away – It really did capture what Hiremech is all about! I think my favourite bit has to be when the trucks put the clock back on big ben.

We hope you enjoy the animation as much as us. Feel free to share it via Social Media and send it on to anyone you think would like it. Who knows – there could be a part two in the making later this year.



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