Temperature check facial recognition systems

Temperature check systems with integrated facial recognition screen individuals for potential COVID 19 infection before they enter a building to help prevent the spread of the virus.

A high temperature is usually caused by infection and could be a symptom of coronavirus. The goal is to spot anyone with a fever before they walk into an establishment and pass the virus on to others. Access can be controlled with ease to help keep everyone safe.

Thermal cameras paired with facial recognition software identify the employee by their face and simultaneously perform a thermal scan. The process takes just a couple of seconds and involves no contact.

What responsibilities do companies have for COVID 19?

Companies have responsibilities for planning and prevention of COVID 19. The health and safety of employees and visitors is paramount. Employers have a statutory and common law duty of care for people’s health and safety at work

Employers should perform a coronavirus-specific risk assessment and prepare a response to show what they are doing to protect people’s health and safety and stop the virus spreading.

Organisations must keep up to date with government guidance on managing the pandemic and advise employees on precautions they must take.

COVID 19 impact and why screening is so important

Keeping people healthy and safe is the primary concern for all businesses during the pandemic.

The impact of having to close a premises, a department or even the business as a whole because of a COVID 19 outbreak can be devastating.

The immediate financial impact has already crippled numerous companies.

Not only that, employees who contract the virus may have a claim against a company if it can be demonstrated that their employer has not acted responsibly or provided them with sufficient advice and support to protect themselves while at work.

As people begin to return to the workplace after national and local lockdowns, and the government urges staff to return to the office, the risk of an outbreak of COVID 19 increases.

Aside from social distancing measures and the provision of PPE and hand sanitisers, along with effective cleaning and disinfectant, one of the best ways to prevent COVID 19 entering a building is to take steps to ensure no one carrying the virus is able to gain access in the first place.

Relying on individuals to stay at home should they experience symptoms of coronavirus increases risk. Some people may simply carry on working. Some may display mild symptoms but feel that they really can be at work. Others may be asymptomatic and not feel unwell at all. All of these people can bring the virus into your workplace.

How a temperature check system works

Temperature profiling enables preventative action to be taken in order to reduce the spread of COVID 19, reduce illness, lost workdays and ultimately save lives.

The system screens staff, customers and visitors and alerts can be set for anyone displaying a body temperature which may indicate a fever. A temperature above 38 degrees celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) is indicative of a fever.

Individuals check-in to the building by standing in front of the sensor. The software is accurate to within half a degree and can correct the reading for external factors such as someone entering on a cold day.

How a temperature check system with facial recognition enhances effectiveness

With the addition of a facial recognition system, the service scans the face to identify individuals and to locate the correct facial areas at which to read body temperature.

Sophisticated algorithms return results in real-time to trigger an alert. The system allows profiles to be built for each individual to track their temperature each time they enter the building. Baselines can also be monitored for all employees or groups of staff.

The benefits of a Hiremech temperature check and facial recognition system

    • Abnormal body temperatures are detected instantly to determine whether an individual has a potential fever – a key symptom of COVID 19;
    • Reception or security staff can respond immediately to take swift action while alerts can also be sent to other identified supervisors and head office;
    • High levels of accuracy prevent false positives and false negatives;
    • Versatile mounting options and a slimline terminal make the system suitable for any workplace, office, factory, shop, public facility or warehouse;
    • The durable and weatherproof terminal allows for installation in a variety of locations;
    • The system can also be used for attendance management purposes, including entrance and exit times;
    • The system enhances security management by preventing unauthorised persons from gaining entry to a premises
    • Can be used in conjunction with a number of other actions and tools to minimise the risk of COVID 19 to organisations

Temperature check systems and facial integration processes are already widely used in China and South Korea where technology has long played a key role in health and safety. The services are now being adopted across the globe to help control the spread of COVID 19. Coronavirus and its management will be an issue for organisations who want to get people back to work and keep them at work safely for some time to come.

To find out more about this and our other products for making your business Covid safe, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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