Warehouses are a crucial part of any retail or wholesale business, ensuring that the products are stored, sorted, and dispatched efficiently.

One company that understands this is BWH Drinks, an independently owned and family-run leading drinks distributor. Based in Maidenhead, BWH Drinks has been operating an efficient delivery service to Berks, Bucks, Surrey, West London, and South Oxon. With a commitment to continuously refreshing their product range, they strive to offer everything from cutting-edge craft beers to the very latest gins. But what sets BWH Drinks apart is their commitment to delivery and customer service.


This commitment to quality extends to the equipment they use in their warehouse operations. Recently, BWH Drinks made a significant addition to their fleet by acquiring a refurbished electric Hyster forklift from Hiremech. This brings the total number of machines delivered by us to three, a testament to the trust and satisfaction that BWH Drinks has for our products and services.

Paul Sharpe, the Warehouse Manager at BWH Drinks, shared his thoughts on their collaboration with Hiremech. He said, “Hiremech have been great supplying our equipment and the quality and service we need through our period of growth. The three wheel electric counterbalance trucks are perfect for our new warehouse layout and greatly assisted keeping the dust kick-up levels down during the summer months, compared to the gas counterbalance trucks which we’re phasing out. I highly recommend Hiremech to anyone needing top quality MHE (Material Handling Equipment) in and around London.”

When it comes to warehouse operations, having reliable and efficient MHE is crucial. Not only do we provide high-quality machines that meet BWH Drinks warehouse operations needs, but our excellent customer service has also left a lasting impression on the company. This collaboration is a great example of how businesses can work together to achieve mutual success.


Is your business in need of top-notch MHE? We’re dedicated to providing the best for our customers. There’s a reason we are London’s No.1, get in touch today to discover how we can help you.

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