What are pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks are essentially small forklifts used to move pallets around a warehouse, from back of lorry and general running pallets around.  They only raise the load enough to clear the ground so that they can be moved around. Other names for Pallet trucks include Pallet Jacks and Pump Trucks.

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Different types of pallet trucks

We offer a host of pallet trucks.  Standard pallet trucks, galvanised and stainless trucks for wet, corrosive environments and even pallet trucks with scales for weighing loads.  These types of trucks are generally manual and require the operator to move loads, electric versions are also available on request.  With a host of options including nylon and rubber wheels, euro and cheap sizes a pallet truck is a stable workhorse in any environment.

The electric pallet truck:

Electric pallet trucks

Our electric pallet trucks are lightweight (205kg including battery) which makes it easy to operate. In fact, our customers tell us that when compared to heavier powered pallet trucks on the market it reduces operator strain and increases productivity as a result. Our EP Powered Pallet truck is also very energy efficient as it uses a 60AH battery which means its environmentally friendly.


  • Safety - design has operator’s safety in mind
  • Performance - ultra-light weight means that the Maxim is efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to service - battery is maintenance FREE and the machine is easy to dismantle
  • Easy to operate - design is semi-enclosed which makes this machine very easy to operate


Model: EPT 20-15ET

Load capacity: 1500kg

Service Weight (Ind. battery): 205kg

Fork height, lowered: 85mm

Overall length: 1600mm

Overall width: 560mm

Fork spread: 560mm

Aisle width, 1000 x 1200 pallet crossways: 1930mm

Aisle width, 800 x 1200 pallet lengthways: 1780mm

Outer turning radius: 1475mm

Travel speed, laden/unladen: 3.5/4 km/h

Maximum grade-ability, laden/unladen Sz 5 min: 30%

Battery voltage/ rated capacity (5h): 24/60*2

Find out how pallet trucks could work for you:

Benefits of using pallet trucks:

1. Cheap to buy

Pallet trucks are a cost-efficient logistics solution.

2. Highly manoeuvrable

Manoeuvrability is an especially important attribute in a busy warehousing environment.

3. 1500 - 3000 kg capacity

Although slight in appearance, pallet trucks have a very large load capacity.

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