In today’s fast-paced industrial world, maintaining strong relationships with clients is pivotal to business success. A shining example of such a relationship is the one between Hiremech and Begg & Co Thermoplastics, one of the oldest independent distributors in the UK of Plastic Raw Materials. Recently, Team Hiremech delivered a new Hyster H3.0A unit to Begg & Co, further strengthening our partnership.


A New Chapter

Begg & Co had been using an old Hyster unit, but it became clear recently that it was time to look for a replacement. The new unit would be primarily used on their loading ramp, lifting 2,300kg loads, consisting of double bags of plastic. The search for the perfect replacement began.


Exploring Alternatives and Making the Right Decision

Initially, Begg & Co considered an electric replacement. But after careful consideration, they decided to go with a brand-new gas-powered Hyster. The choice to entrust Hiremech with their business needs was made not just because we supply MHE, but because we can also maintain other units at their site. This comprehensive service package is what truly sets us apart.


Client Testimonial

A representative from Begg & Co, Tyrone York, shared his experience:

“Hiremech and especially Harun were excellent in helping us to purchase a new Hyster forklift. The whole process was a real pleasure, they were very accommodating and ensured that we were going to purchase the right truck for our needs.


“We look forward to many more years of being looked after by Hiremech and would definitely recommend Hiremech to anyone else looking for a forklift.”


A Strong Relationship Moving Forward

The relationship between Hiremech and Begg & Co Thermoplastics is not just about supplying equipment. It’s about understanding needs, providing the right solutions, and offering continuous support. It’s this level of customer service that has fostered a strong relationship over the years, and we look forward to maintaining this partnership for many more years to come.

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