As the NFL rolls into London for its annual scrimmage at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, you will probably notice that the arena has undergone a remarkable transformation from a traditional grass Premier League football pitch, to a fully synthetic American Football field.

Whilst you may have previously seen the incredible and intricate technology involved in delivering this transformation, what you might not have known is that Hiremech and Briggs Equipment have been at the heart of the project.

The preparation for these October fixtures began years in advance and in March of 2023 we were able to attend the stadium and witness first-hand some of the intricate work being carried out by Team Hiremech, supported by Briggs Solutions. The synthetic pitch that the Jaguars, Bills, Titans and Ravens will be competing on was actually laid several months prior with the help of equipment and support from Hiremech and Briggs. This artificial surface was then retracted back into the stadium bowl and replaced with the grass version until now!

Paul Green Hiremech’s Managing Director, was a recent guest on The Briggs Equipment Podcast and described the level of support provided by Hiremech and Briggs:

“What initially began as an enquiry for two short term hire machines, has transformed into a diverse selection of equipment that includes 38 turf trailers, a tow tractor, a MasterMover, specialist attachments and drivers.

“The turf trailers will be used to store and transport the artificial turf within the stadium bowl. This is a great example of the collaborative working Hiremech and Briggs and demonstrates the skill and expertise that we have at our disposal right throughout the organisation.

“We are extremely proud to be involved with Spurs as it is a real icon of the London sporting landscape and we look forward to working closely with their team moving forward.”

You can listen to Paul’s interview on The Briggs Equipment Podcast




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