Working in the logistics industry means that you get to meet a huge variety of absolutely amazing clients whilst forging working relationships that can sometimes last a lifetime. This is certainly the case with Hiremech and PW Gates.

The working relationship began in 2010 when PW Gates approached us to provide forklift trucks for their logistics and distribution business which is based out in Welwyn Garden City. The company were looking for a partner to provide gas powered Caterpillar lift trucks in order to push their ever-growing business forward. As well as this, we also provide them with pallet trucks and other forklift truck accessories such as attachments and clamps.

Service and repairs

Another interesting aspect of this arrangement is that we also service and repair the whole of their gas powered fleet. We have over 20 years of expertise in the forklift truck industry so certainly know our way around a motor. We’ve come across every type of problem before so we know exactly what to do in order to keep the PW Gates fleet in pristine condition.

As well as this, we provide annual testing in order to keep PW Gates compliant with all EU safety regulations. Compliance is a massive aspect of the logistics industry as safety is of utmost importance to any well run firm.

Nothing but kind words

The working relationship has been absolutely fantastic for both parties involved. Our service director Andy Brown had this to say about the synergy between Hiremech and PW Gate. “We have worked with PW Gates for many years and built a close relationship based on cost effective support, efficiency and trust.”

“As they have taken on new contracts and expanded their business so we have worked with them to improve their efficiency in handling a wide variety of goods by supplying the right type of equipment at the right price. We carry out daily site checks, on site servicing and repairs to ensure the maximum work time of all the trucks in this busy 24-7 operation.”

Looking forward

It’s been a fantastic six years of working with PW Gates and Hiremech are incredibly proud of the level of service we’ve provided to the renowned logistics company and we’re looking forward to many more years working with them.

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