A row of Hiremech forklift trucks

A row of Hiremech forklift trucks at our North London HQ

CAT have been producing forklifts since the 1960`s and their trucks are a byword for high performance and durability. These forklifts have been our trusty work-stations keeping our business – and the rest of London – running smoothly down to the various jobs we have carried out in the city.

As the number one CAT forklift dealer in London we are perfectly placed to provide expert advice on the wide variety of trucks. Here we provide an overview of the main categories of CAT forklift.

Diesel Counterbalance

Tough workhorses capable of high performance in the most rigorous environments.

They are well suited to jobs like container stuffing, loading and unloading and transfer of goods between site locations.

The CAT range has exceptional variety. Maximum lift capacities range from 1.5 tonnes to 16 tonnes and lift heights from 3m and 7m.

Despite their strength these trucks are compactly built and smooth

Electric Counterbalance

Quiet and environmentally friendly while still providing power and durability.

These are primarily for indoor jobs like moving goods in and out of racking, clearing waste packing, or bringing materials to production line, as well as loading.

Advantages include longer shift cycles, simple maintenance and superb manoeuvrability. They can be programmed with personalised operating characteristics.

Gas Counterbalance

These combine some of the best features of diesel and electric trucks. They are environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and quiet; but with high power and toughness.

Gas trucks are capable of just about any materials handling task including warehouse jobs, loading and transportation.

They are perfect for remote locations as you just have to bring a supply of spare gas bottles to allow for a nearly continuous series of shifts.

A Gas, Electric and Diesel powered CAT forklift trucks

A Gas, Electric and Diesel powered CAT forklift trucks

Pallet trucks

Hand pallets are some of the most basic yet essential warehouse tools, allowing easy transportation of pallets with heavy or large equipment.

Power pallet trucks can be used for heavier warehouse work. The CAT range are highly versatile with extremely low maintenance and fuel consumption.

Reach trucks

These provide a moving mast of up to 13 metres and are used where large storage density and fast moving of goods in narrow aisles is needed.

The cleverly designed mast, which give operators a great view of the fork tips, allows for superb precision, efficiency and safety.

For more information on individual trucks come and see us or get in contact. Our expert advisers will be delighted to guide you through the options and help you find the ideal equipment for your business.

The Majority of the Hiremech Team

The Majority of the Hiremech Team


But for now….. Our accompanying infographic should provide a more visual way to explore which trucks are best for each job! And this only includes 4 varieties that fit into the above, more specific categorizations.

A Hiremech guide to forklift trucks

Every Situation requires a different kind of materials handling machine


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