What makes Gas Powered Forklifts a Great Solution?

Whether you’re working in a warehouse, moving materials around a building site or transferring products from one place to another, there are so many reasons why a gas-powered forklift might be a fantastic addition to your business. Here are just a few ways a gas-powered forklift can make your job (and your employees’ jobs!) easier and more efficient:

Peak performance

In comparison to diesel or electric forklifts,  gas powered forklifts can provide performance in spades, able to work in a multitude of environments without ever sacrificing performance.

Economical operation

The gas used to power these forklifts isn’t just efficient for production – it’s efficient on your pocket too. Costing less than diesel-powered machines, a gas-powered forklift will pay for itself in next to no time.

Flexible working

Compared to other machines, gas-powered forklifts offer the best of both worlds, allowing for flexible working both indoors and outdoors, and even across both locations, thanks to the less dangerous low-level emissions produced.

Whatever the weather

The rugged and versatile design of gas-powered forklifts makes them ideal for locations where a variety of work is required, from outdoor moving to indoor lifting. This not only makes these forklifts a great asset to any business – it also makes them appropriate across a multitude of places.

A Forklift you can depend on

Designed to be stable, long-lasting and consistent with the quality of running, a gas-powered forklift is an investment that you can depend on, offering perfect service and excellent performance every time, for a long time.

Better for the Environment

Not only are gas-powered forklifts efficient, but they’re also incredibly efficient for the environment compared to other models. With low emissions, these machines are suitable for even enclosed spaces, meaning you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact of your machinery because it’s practically zero.

Safe and sound

For businesses who are all too conscious of their health and safety, a gas-powered forklift is an excellent choice to ensure the best protection and care for your employees. With safety features and shut-off functionalities included, if you’re looking for the safest forklift, then look no further.

Simple to use, easy to learn

A thoroughly modern and advanced form of lifting equipment, the gas-powered forklift has many features both to improve ease of use and safety during activities such as lifting, moving and refuelling. The simplicity of the design of these forklifts makes them simple to use for even the newest operators.

Quick refuelling

Due to the nature of gas-powered forklifts, it’s effortless to refuel and even quicker to fill up. A portable form of fuel, gas can be stored anywhere on site, making it easily accessible, and the simplicity of refuelling from a cylinder means that it can be done from virtually anywhere, as and when needed. In fact, depending on the size of your gas powered forklifts, a small tank can be kept with the machine itself at all times.

Compact Strength

Gas is an efficient yet robust form of fuel, which makes gas-powered forklifts themselves an economical and useful tool with a great deal of strength, capable of lifting large amounts and bulky items with ease while costing less per day than any other form of forklift.

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