What is it like working with Hiremech? Getting into buying and running a forklift truck fleet can be a really tricky process if you’re starting from scratch because of the sheer amount of work that goes into it.

Aside from actually acquiring your vehicles you also have worries about capacity, maintenance, training and long term planning to address, which can all add up to a big headache just when you should be expanding your business. So what can you do to lessen the stress? Working with a company like Hiremech for all your forklift sales, forklift hire and forklift training needs puts all of your requirements in a single pair of hands, to make sure you’ve got some of the best brains in the business on your side. Let’s take a look at what they can do.

Working with Hiremech – Forklift sales

For a company looking to upgrade an existing fleet, gain new capability or simply add to a growing collection of forklifts, buying your equipment outright can be the best option. However, not all forklift sales companies are equal. You want a company at your back that has a combination of an excellent range, first-class contacts among the manufacturers to get the best deals, and a great deal of knowledge and expertise in order to make the best recommendations. You get all that and more at Hiremech, the number one in London forklift sales and one of the leading suppliers in the UK.

“We are working with Hiremech from the day we started our business back in 2006 for all our forklift and pallet truck needs. It has always been a big pleasure to work with a helpful and a very professional team. Thank you Hiremech!” – Google review, 7 July 2020

The major advantage of working with Hiremech is the sheer quantity and variety of trucks that they have to offer, so you’re guaranteed to find the truck for you whatever your needs. With everything in stock from small pallet trucks to 10-tonne diesel forklifts for the biggest jobs, Hiremech have an excellent variety of trucks for all situations. As leading UK suppliers for top brands Hyster and Flexi they also have great relationships with the manufacturers, which means first access to the latest models and accessories, the best prices and unrivalled access to parts and support too. However, Hiremech’s excellent service doesn’t stop there. As well as the stock that you need, Hiremech’s decades of experience in the forklift industry mean that have excellent insight into every potential use for their equipment, so if you’re looking for advice on what you need or how to use it, Hiremech’s team are right beside you ready to support on any part of the sales or commissioning process: Whether you’re looking for a nippy electric flexitruck for confined warehouse spaces or a sturdy gas powered forklift for heavy duty on a construction site.

“Good company with good service we have been using them from last 5 years, really helpful and sales person Brian Hudson can guide you well to a product. Highly recommended company for forklift truck.” – Google review, 27 June

Hiremech aren’t the sort of company to forget about you as soon as you walk out of the door, and one of their major advantages over other competitors is the aftercare service you can expect to receive. While a great price or a great selection of trucks are both important, being left high and dry if there’s a problem is never a great situation – which is why Hiremech operate industry leading Gold and Silver aftercare packages to make sure you have what you need. Every sale receives a truck that has been cleaned and serviced, along with 3 months parts warranty and 12 months LOLER certification on all parts, while gold package buyers get all that plus an extra 3 months warranty, a free re-spray, new tyres and free accessories.

Forklift hire

For companies who experience cyclical peaks in their orders, want to expand their fleet temporarily or have a one off project that requires new or different trucks, hire can often be a better option. Hiremech are old hands on the London forklift hire scene, and while some companies may treat their hire customers like they’re second class, at Hiremech you get the same gold standard customer service whether you hire one truck for the week or a whole fleet for a year. Flexibility is the order of the day for Hiremech, who don’t make it difficult for you to hire for small or short durations if you’re looking for a truck to help you out with the seasonal rush. With the same great range of Hyster and Flexi trucks that appear in the showroom, but for a range of great and competitive hire rates, you too can access the versatility and power of a top of the range forklift fleet without paying top end prices for hire or purchase.

“Very good company. We were renting a forklift from them for more than three years. They do all their checks on time. We are very happy with their service. I can highly recommend them.” – Google review, 27 June

A great range of trucks for hire and a competitive range of prices is a good start, but a truly great hire experience is nothing without great service to back it up. That’s why all of Hiremech’s hires come with a variety of free extras, those little extra touches that can make a real difference to the success of any project. If you opt for contract hire you can expect free servicing & maintenance, free health & safety inspections, free driver training, a free site survey and free delivery as standard. Meanwhile, for one off hires, you can expect everything from an optional driver hire for one off projects, delivery via Hiremech’s own transporter and full guaranteed health and safety compliance for a hassle free hire.

“Great company to work with, Lease multiple machines from them. Fantastic pricing, Customer service + mechanics when needed.” – Google review, 1 July 2020

Forklift training

A good forklift sales or hire company can provide a good range of trucks at competitive prices, but the mark of a truly great provider is one that offers great service in all of the behind the scenes work that most people don’t see. Thanks to their team of dedicated experts, Hiremech are also in a position to offer excellent, industry leading training to their customers too. London forklift training begins and ends with Hiremech thanks to the variety and quality of their courses, whether you’re looking to get a novice using their first truck all the way to training an experienced driver to use the latest equipment, they have driver training packages to suit all needs. Flexibility is their watchword here, because Hiremech know that your business often can’t spare the time or the staff to take too much out of their day, so they’ll come to you: Offering training in either their purpose built training centre or on your own site.

“A great service provided by top quality staff, highly recommended!” – Google review, 27 June

Not only do Hiremech offer training in the uses and best practice for all kinds of trucks, they will also provide safety and maintenance too – ensuring that your team are truly competent at using and looking after your fleet of trucks. Not only does this minimise downtime, it also saves you money on repairs and ensures that the knowledge to keep your trucks in top condition genuinely stays within your business for the future. While Hiremech offer training to a novice, experienced, refresher and conversion level, all of the training sessions cover a basic curriculum – ensuring each level gets a good grounding of information. First, Hiremech’s expert training staff will update the candidate on the basics of forklift driving best practice and current health and safety legislation, tailored to their level of experience. Next, they will be introduced to the truck they are being trained on and how to inspect it, maintain it, and its safe use and operating limits. Finally, the candidate will be taken through a thorough practical test, completing a number of tests in a safe and competent manner to show they are able to drive their truck of choice.

“We are working with Hiremech from the day we started our business back in 2006 for all our forklift and pallet truck needs. It has always been a big pleasure to work with a helpful and a very professional team. Thank you Hiremech!” -Google review, 7 July 2020

A great choice for all your forklift needs

An excellent range of the latest trucks and some of the most competitive prices on the market are great reasons to buy or hire from Hiremech, but where the company really stands out is in its ability to also provide industry leading training and aftercare. Thanks to dedicated and expert staff throughout the Hiremech team, you can expect the best advice and the most up to date knowledge on their entire range, including what to use and how to use it, as well as the latest guidance on best practice. The help doesn’t stop at the front door either. Hiremech have a great track record of years long partnerships with many clients, supporting them with everything from servicing and after sales to training and contract hire to ensure they get as much out of their purchase as possible. As a result, Hiremech are one of the top companies in London or the UK to work with in the field of truck purchase and hire.

“They dug me out of a hole. Quick account setup and help with plant insurance. Machine delivered the same day. Enabling me to complete the job on time. Would highly recommend” Google review – 7 July 2020

Whatever you need, when it comes to forklifts, Hiremech is the obvious choice in London. Get in touch with our friendly team now to find out how we can help you.

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