We want to begin by sending you all our thoughts and best wishes, we hope that you and your families are safe and well.

Whilst it feels strange to use the phrase ‘unprecedented times’ there really is no other way to describe what is going on right now with the coronavirus pandemic. When we were writing our blog looking ahead at the year to come in 2020, there was no thought in our minds that this is where we might be by Easter. It is a tough time for the UK, and for our industry.

We are still here, in our Central London depot, and continuing to offer our forklift services to our customers. We are, of course, following the government guidelines. Our staff who can work from home are doing so, those that are on site are following the guidelines around social distancing and taking extra measures for sanitisation.

We are able to offer hire, sales and servicing. We know that some businesses, especially in logistics, are busier than ever as they deliver and support vital services across the NHS, delivery and supermarkets. Logistics has never been more important to keeping our country running and those businesses who can help have certainly stepped up.

At Hiremech, we wanted to be part of this support and we jumped at the chance to help. Haringey Council, alongside Edible Foods, has set up a food hub at the Tottenham Hotspur football ground and we donated a forklift and two electric pump trucks to help them sort and stack donations that will go out to those who need them locally.

As we mentioned, we are still working for our customers. This includes servicing, as a joint statement from BITA and the FLTA makes it clear that during this time routine maintenance for forklifts must continue. Maintenance and servicing, from daily checks to standards such as LOLER, are an important part of the Health and Safety commitment of any company that uses forklifts. We know that businesses are doing their best to keep their staff safe at this time and access to sites must, on the whole, be restricted.

We are working with our customers to agree how best to carry out servicing, as well as adhering to the guidelines that are in place for everyone’s safety when it comes to coronavirus.

While we are seeing a surge in demand, our short-term hire can be ideal for periods like this. We are able to supply forklifts to your site when you need them without the commitment and costs of keeping them longer term. If you feel that your business might benefit from additional trucks at this time then do get in touch and our team can help you out.

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