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We realise that we haven’t updated you in a while so here’s a short update for you to see some of the things we have been up to this month.

  1. The photo below shows a forklift truck and driver job for Central London where we had to unload windows.


The forklift used was a Caterpillar GP30N 2004 model. This is an LPG Counterbalance forklift. Specifications include: 3000kg capacity, 5070mm lift height, triple FFL mast and side shift.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors because of the fact that gas is environmentally friendly in comparison to diesel. Unlike electric forklifts, they do not require excessive charging between shifts, however they are as clean and quiet as the electric forklifts.

They are dependable, cheap, easy to use and to maintain, which translates to greater productivity and profitability.

This was the perfect choice for unloading the windows in the photo above as they can carry out just about any task.


  1. In the photo below, a Rolls Royce generator was being offloaded in Central London.



The forklift used is a Caterpillar GC70K.

This model can lift up to 15,500 lbs, 139% more than the average competitor. It can travel at speeds of up to 12.7 mph under full load, which is 1.2 mph faster than what’s typical in its class. It can lift a full load as fast as 71 feet per minute, 33.3 fpm slower than the average in this segment of lift trucks.






  1. A 350kgs boiler was offloaded using the forklift, Caterpillar GC70K. The boiler was 3500kgs.



It is the same forklift that has been used above therefore they have the same specifications.

Also, the CAT GC70K STR has an outside turning radius of 97.2 inches, meaning its turning circle is 17% wider than what is common for its class. This machine can be used on grades as steep as 20% under full load, 10% less steep than what the typical competing model can handle.

For this same reason it is the perfect choice for lifting both large generators and large boilers.




Click here to view the different types of forklift available from our fleet.







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