Today, Facebook is used by 1.11 billion people in the world. With social networks expanding, and new craze’s taking the internet by storm every year, it accompanies the growth of businesses using the sites to capitalise on potential advertisement and networking. Although this is a useful tool, it can also be used to show other aspects of a company.

  • Staff achievements are a great way to emit a sense of workplace satisfaction. For example uploading photos and updates of the staff football team shows how a company is in touch with their staff, demonstrating perhaps a different more caring side to the company.
  • Advertising charity events on Facebook is another great way to show how in-touch a business is with affairs outside its trade. Building up a good company image, yet also advertisement for (for example) charity events can be successful in a number of ways.
  • Regular updates on new staff members or individual achievements is a great way to involve staff in another aspect of the business. This will also improve employee relationships and thus productivity.
  • Twitter is another social media site that can provide your company with another branch to be in touch with employees and customers. By advertising offers and deals, or again company news such as the results of a staff pub quiz night can be beneficial in not only employee-employer relations, but show another side of the company to prospective and existing customers.

YouTube is perhaps best known for its music and comedy. Yet the opportunity for businesses to capitalise on advertising their products is recognised by few. Most commonly it’s utilised by companies demonstrating particularly useful information on products for customers. Videos about forklifts operating in various applications can be helpful for those deciding what product to buy, or simply searching for forklift dealers. Another advantage to YouTube is that it can be used to present and launch new products.

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