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World War II air raid shelter found on Hiremech site in Tottenham last month

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The air raid shelter was discovered near this industrial estate in Tariff Road. Picture: Google StreetView

Google Street view of the Hiremech site on Tariff road where the air raid shelter was discovered (

What were these air raid shelters used for you may ask? This shelter was believed to have been built around the 1940s to serve the local community and possibly the workers at the nearby Triumph factory; however there is no record of ownership for this shelter. It is a building which is about 10m long, 2.5m wide and 2m high. It is buried less than a metre below what is now the driveway for the Triumph Trading Estate, home to Hiremech. Below you will find examples of what these shelters may have looked like in the 1940s:


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