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Flexi forklifts

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Did you know that Hiremech also offer flexi forklifts? Well now you do.

The whole reason for offering flexi forklifts is so that businesses can utilise less space while using and storing their forklifts. They don’t have to worry about the size of the forklift before they use it. This is especially for companies in London and the south east who have to pay lots for renting small spaces which may not be able to fit a regular sized forklift. Up to 30% more storage space is created with the use of the flexi forklift compared to a standard reach truck, which means more aisles can be created in the warehouse.


What have Hiremech been up to this month?

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Hello all,

We realise that we haven’t updated you in a while so here’s a short update for you to see some of the things we have been up to this month.

  1. The photo below shows a forklift truck and driver job for Central London where we had to unload windows.


The forklift used was a Caterpillar GP30N 2004 model. This is an LPG Counterbalance forklift. Specifications include: 3000kg capacity, 5070mm lift height, triple FFL mast and side shift.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors because of the fact that gas is environmentally friendly in comparison to diesel. Unlike electric forklifts, they do not require excessive charging between shifts, however they are as clean and quiet as the electric forklifts.

They are dependable, cheap, easy to use and to maintain, which translates to greater productivity and profitability.

This was the perfect choice for unloading the windows in the photo above as they can carry out just about any task.


Goupil G1: The latest addition to the Goupil Family

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Diapositive 1

We are pleased to announce that Goupil are launching their latest addition to their current line up of Electric Vehicles – the “Goupil G1”.

Consulting the “Goupil Industrie” online brochure it is clear to see the technological progression each model has undergone. Now – just like many other vehicles in the 21st century – a hybrid engine represents one of the latest advancements in cleaner low emission vehicles, however, as much as engineers are motivated in green alternatives – retaining power is crucial and their efforts clearly have been a success.


World War II air raid shelter found on Hiremech site in Tottenham last month

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The air raid shelter was discovered near this industrial estate in Tariff Road. Picture: Google StreetView

Google Street view of the Hiremech site on Tariff road where the air raid shelter was discovered (

What were these air raid shelters used for you may ask? This shelter was believed to have been built around the 1940s to serve the local community and possibly the workers at the nearby Triumph factory; however there is no record of ownership for this shelter. It is a building which is about 10m long, 2.5m wide and 2m high. It is buried less than a metre below what is now the driveway for the Triumph Trading Estate, home to Hiremech. Below you will find examples of what these shelters may have looked like in the 1940s:


Quick Forklift Facts

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Did you know that forklifts could save your business a lot of money as it does the job of about 10 – 20 men put together?

They could be used to lift heavy merchandise and also clean up heavy scraps of dirt. Forklifts are also known as fork trucks in the U.S. You need to know the size of the load you are lifting in order to choose the right forklift. It is most likely to be a diesel truck, if it is a large one.

There are different types of forklifts available which can be powered by battery, fuel, diesel, electricity and propane. Battery powered trucks cost less to maintain and do not release harmful gases. Fuel, diesel and propane are more expensive to maintain and also release harmful gases, however, they are faster than electric-powered forklifts.


What do you know about Hiremech? Plus fun facts

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Did you know that Hiremech keep London going without you even realising it? Without us, a lot of important projects in London wouldn’t be successful. In fact, our job is as important as that of the London Ambulance Service.  We are the largest forklift company in London, providing forklifts to over 2,000 customers around the city.


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