Skyjack have been manufacturing scissor lift work platforms for over 30 years and have developed a reputation for building robust, rugged and reliable machinery which can be used in a wide variety of environments.

The company built their foundation upon scissor lifts and their equipment is used across the globe. Still pioneering in the market, Skyjack continue to diversify their products to deliver the very best in scissor lifts and materials handling equipment.

Skyjack are the market leader in scissor lifts and electric scissor lifts. The DC electric range boasts units suitable for both indoor and outdoor working. Heights range from 5.8m to 12m and all of the lifts come with robust drive mechanisms allowing you to get to almost any location on site in a safe manner. Each lift offers self-levelling decks and legs and the DC powered electric motors produce no harmful fumes.

What is a scissor lift?

Scissor lifts, sometimes known as aerial platforms, are designed to transport and raise personnel, materials and tools. Sometimes ladders and other means of accessing materials and stocks up high just can’t get the job done or are too dangerous.

Aerial lifts, such as scissor lifts, have secure platforms and high extensions meaning you can get to heights safely and easily. An electric scissor lift is an efficient, affordable and economic means of solving your need to work at height.

How to choose an aerial lift

There are a variety of lifts which can get the job done but you need to ensure you choose an option which maximises safety in a cost-effective manner. Before choosing which method which can best meet your requirements, it pays to consider what lifts are available and give some thought to the safety and cost considerations involved.

There are two main solutions to working at height. Boom lifts have extending arms with baskets on the end. Sometimes they’re known as “cherry pickers”. They tend to come with joints and hinges that allow flexibility. Scissor lifts have stable and wide base platforms that can move personnel and heavy materials. Scissor lifts have a basket which is usually surrounded by railings or a cage.

Before choosing a scissor lift, you will need to consider the model which will most effectively perform the function that you need to perform. You will need to consider the maximum height you need to be able to reach, the weight capacity you will need and of course give some consideration to the budget available. You will also need to factor in what training staff will need to use the equipment safely.

Hiremech have multiple options available if you are looking for a electric scissor lift for sale or a Skyjack scissor lift for sale.

Skyjack’s updated electric range

Skyjack have applied the control system technology which they pioneered in their range of mast lifts to each unit in the DC electric range to increase controllability and reduce operational noise levels. The range now offers reduced charging time and significantly improved battery life to reduce energy consumption levels and carbon footprint.

Features of Skyjack scissor lifts

Each unit in the Skyjack scissor lift range is constructed from steel to produce strong and reliable models. Skyjack have always prided themselves on producing machines with ease of service and readily accessible components in mind. This alone makes the range stand out from its competitors.

The range is notable for its commonality of functions and parts, meaning owning more than one unit is no headache in terms of servicing and maintenance. There are few scissor lifts which can rival the Skyjack range for its low lifecycle costs.

Closer control

Skyjack introduced a motor controller device into their electric DC scissor lift range in 2014, having successfully used the technology in their line of vertical mast lifts for many years. The control device manages the DC electric motor that drives the scissor platform. This delivers only the power required to complete each requested operation to improve performance.

The motor controller lowers energy consumption and extends battery life. Because the control device manages the flow of power, motor output is no longer set to a predetermined maximum and the machines benefit from lower noise levels.

Above all else, the technology enables the lifts to enjoy an enhanced level of manoeuvrability. The power delivery control enables enhanced steering settings which are particularly useful in confined spaces. Fast and safe travel speeds are also a core feature of the range.

Standard features

All models in the DC electric range come with a host of standard features. Each lift is driveable at full height and each comes with a variable speed control. All models are fitted with dual holding brakes for safety purposes and models come equipped with either front or rear wheel drive.

Each lift in the range comes with an operator horn and a relay-based control system with a colour coded and numbered wiring system. Skyjack products come in the company’s bold orange livery which makes them easily recognisable and visible in a working environment.

Options in the range

The Skyjack electric scissor lift range is notable for the options available and the ease with which it is possible to identify just the right model to meet your requirements.

Skyjack’s SJIII 4626 and SJ4632 DC electric scissor lifts offer large platform areas and a high capacity. This makes them suitable for most applications. These models offer variable speed rear wheel hydraulic drive and working heights of up to 11.75m. Extension decks can be secured in a variety of positions and both units can be driven at full height.

Both of these models are fitted with disc brakes, solid rubber non-marking tyres and a pothole protection system. The units come with a variety of safety equipment fitted, including tilt alarms and lift cut-out features, an overload sensing system and a lowering warning system. Additional options can be added to suit your requirements.

The Skyjack SJ3219 electric scissor lift is a compact model that can reach 7.8m in height. This unit is powered by a variable front wheel hydraulic drive system with 90-degree steering to enable manoeuvring in small spaces. This model offers a 0.9m roll out extension deck.

The Skyjack SJ3215 is the smallest of Skyjack’s DC Electric range and offers a maximum platform height of 15ft. This model is equipped with variable front wheel hydraulic drive and a 90-degree steering capability. The SJ3215 is just 0.81m wide which enables it to be stored easily when not in use and means it really is able to manoeuvre in the tightest of confines.

Skyjack’s SJ3220 model is the lightest machine in its class and features variable speed rear wheel hydraulic drive with an 8.1m working height. This unit features a standard 0.9m roll out extension deck. The SJ3220 is notable for its ability to access through standard doorways.

The SJ3226 model is the larger of Skyjack’s Conventional Series in the DC Electric range and provides a maximum working height of 9.9m. Again, this machine can fit through standard doorways and comes with a 0.9m roll out extension deck.

A brief guide to using your Skyjack Electric DC scissor lift

Each Skyjack Electric DC Scissor lift is fitted with a base control console and a platform control console to enable operation either inside or outside of the machine. The base control console is located at the rear of the machine and can be used to lower or raise the platform. The platform control console can be used to operate drive, lifting and lowering. Each console has an emergency stop button fitted.

A tilt alarm sounds when the system senses that the aerial platform is outside of level in any direction. When the system triggers, driving is disabled and lift functions cease operation. An audible sound alerts the user to the danger and an amber light flashes.

Each machine is equipped with an emergency lowering system which allows the platform to be lowered in the event of an emergency or electrical system failure. There are two drive modes available on each model – for driving on level or inclined ground.

A full safety procedure should be outlined with personnel familiar with it. This should include steps to verify that the weight of materials, individuals and tools combined does not exceed the platform’s rated capability. You should always check the operator’s manual for load distribution requirements and a designated person should be available to operate ground controls should the original operator get into difficulty. Inspection and maintenance programmes should be agreed and implemented.

Accessorise and customise

Skyjack scissor lifts can be fitted with a range of accessories which enable you to customise your machine to suit whatever job you are using it for. Here are some example applications and add-ons.

Deck extensions offer the ability to increase the productivity of the lift by extending its ability to reach out to objects which might otherwise be inaccessible. Power options can be added to the platform such as self-contained airlines and generators.

Pipe racks can be fitted and are an ideal attachment for plumbers, electricians and other maintenance workers who may need to organise materials on the platform without limiting movement of the machine in tight spaces.

Panel carriers can be added for the likes of drywallers and panel installers. A glazier kit can be added which enables glass panes to be lifted safely. This piece of kit can support up to 210 lbs and comes with a pad tray, nylon strap and foam railings.

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