Reach Trucks

The reach truck is perfect for working in tight spaces. It is incredibly manoeuvrable as well as having a long range.

Ideal for warehousing use

Reach trucks are specially designed for use in warehouse environments with narrow aisles and very tall racking up to 9m.  Like the electric trucks they are easy to operate and with side seated operator position offers greater visibility of the fork tips.   CAT Reach trucks are an industry leader with a host of innovative design features including steering travel compensation, which adjusts steering sensitivity automatically in relation to travel speed to avoid and sharp turns and subsequent accidents.

Reach trucks are very efficient

The CAT reach truck range also includes the latest mast technology which makes it quiet to use. Our reach trucks are designed to keep costs to a minimum as they have high efficiency with low maintenance requirements. Reach trucks can also be used outside however they are unable to be used in the rain as they are battery electric powered.  A reach truck can also be used for counter-balance forklift uses and can be fitted with attachments for lifting jobs.

Benefits of using reach trucks


1. Cheap to run

Reach trucks are very efficient, they don’t require a large amount of fuel to run.

2. High reach capability

Our reach trucks have the capability to reach heights up to 9m.

3. Increased rack storage

Reach trucks let you increase rack storage without having to increase your warehousing space

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Reach trucks

If you need really handy forklifts around the warehouse, reach trucks could be for you.

Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse solutions

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Why buy your forklift from us?

  • Experience: With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, we have a great understanding of clients’ needs and requirements in terms of machinery
  • High quality: Whether you are looking for a single forklift truck or a number of forklifts for your work place, you are sure to be impressed by our high performing and reliable machines
  • Money saving: Although you will be saving money by buying used forklift trucks, we can assure you that you will be buying  machinery that has been properly cared for and maintained
  • The size of our business: Over the years we have built up a loyal base of customers throughout the capital and the rest of the UK, who continue to work with us time and time again

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