At Hiremech, we are always happy to help new customers and work to provide them with the best solution possible. This was the case when we were contacted by Nobu, who had seen our Google reviews and customer testimonials, and decided to get in touch.

Nobu was looking to move a few heavy, expensive plant pots and manoeuvre them into position outside one of the famous luxury Nobu Hotels in London. Although this might sound like a straightforward request, due the weight and size of the plant pots and the proximity to the glass exterior of the hotel, extreme care and attention to detail were essential.

Thanks to our skilled operator, the plants were successfully placed in the desired position, much to the appreciation of our new customer, who commented “What an incredible service. Arrived early, and got the job done to the best standard. Best in the business, and we couldn’t recommend Hiremech enough.”

Remember, with Hiremech you can hire a forklift with a fully trained operator, who will make sure that any job, big or small, is completed to the highest standards.

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