Major international forklift truck manufacturer Hyster has just made the exciting announcement that it has added an extra nine models to its Hyster electric forklifts line. Designed in a variety of sizes and weights for different applications, the addition of these new electric trucks marks a serious upgrade in capability for the manufacturer and a long term commitment to electric power across their range. For consumers, it means that even more of the many capabilities that forklift truck use unlocks are now available in a zero noise, zero emissions, zero-carbon option and that the small capability gap has shrunk even further. So how do these trucks stack up against existing models? Let’s take a look.

What are the new Hyster electric forklifts?

The new electric forklift trucks debuted by Hyster this month are available in four-wheel or three-wheel configuration depending on your needs, and are categorised by the amount of weight they are able to lift. If pure lifting power, improved traction and maximum stability are what you’re after, then this range of four-wheeled electric vehicles is your answer:

  • J1.5UT – for lifts up to 1.5 tonnes
  • J1.8UT – for lifts up to 1.8 tonnes
  • J2.0UT – for lifts up to 2 tonnes
  • J2.5UT – for lifts up to 2.5 tonnes
  • J3.0UT – for lifts up to 3 tonnes
  • J3.5UT – for lifts up to 3.5 tonnes

If you’re more concerned about weight, manoeuvrability and size because you’re operating in a restricted space environment or among the general public, you’ll have all your needs met by their new range of three-wheeled electric forklifts:

  • J1.6UTT – for lifts up to 1.6 tonnes
  • J1.8UTT – for lifts up to 1.8 tonnes
  • J2.0UTT – for lifts up to 2 tonnes

For most operations, these trucks represent all of the lifting and materials handling capability that they are likely to need, but in an entirely electric package with all the benefits that entails. The launch of these trucks in one package means that your entire range can have matching capabilities and design for ease of use, rather than a fleet that’s cobbled together from a variety of models and eras.

These trucks are also designed to be electric from the ground up. They’re not conversions of models that were designed to be fuel-driven, so they are perfectly ergonomically designed for life as an electric vehicle according to those attendant capabilities. This means that they’re the right weight for an electric vehicle to operate at peak performance, their access panels make sense for the maintenance of an electric vehicle, they are more compact due to fewer and smaller moving parts, and they come with all the necessary software to monitor and optimise battery life.

What new technology is included in the latest Hyster electric forklifts?

This new range of all-electric forklift trucks, available in four-wheel and three-wheel configurations, allows Hyster to deploy a range of technology that allows you to take full advantage of all the benefits that electric has to offer. While older models have been held back by using fuel-driven models with electric motors, these trucks were designed from the start to run on electric power. As a result, all elements of the design now take advantage of the benefits.

For example, operators can now take advantage of top speeds of up to 16km/h, with all the vehicle’s power available at once with no gears, so it’s much easier to work in a hurry. You can also access fast raising and lowering speeds, so you’re not held back by the operation of the forks once you get where you’re going. One of the best things about an electric vehicle is the amount of data it can collect on your vehicle’s performance, giving you access to everything from your driving efficiency to your predicted battery life, which is all displayed on a colour LCD screen for ease of use on 4 wheel models. Using this element of your vehicle’s design correctly allows you to take better care of your forklift, which subsequently allows you to benefit from the far lower maintenance and servicing costs that electric vehicles bring with them, saving you time and money for years to come.

Another advantage of being one of the few trucks on the market designed exclusively for electric use is that the Hyster range doesn’t have to make allowances for an engine or exhausts, but instead uses a more compact and ergonomic design. This means that you can squeeze unrivalled performance out of a smaller truck, allowing for greater speed and manoeuvrability than you thought was possible. Higher top speeds, smaller turning circles and amazing lifting power, all out of a truck that’s smaller and lighter than ever before. It also means easier and cheaper maintenance because there are fewer wires and fewer moving parts, and all the necessary maintenance areas are easily interchangeable and accessible.

Hyster electric forklifts’ programme of innovation

Hyster’s introduction of this new range of three and four-wheeled electric trucks is just the latest step on a trail of innovation they have been blazing across the industry in terms of sustainability. Whether it’s carbon emissions, environmental safety or operator safety, the materials handling sector has some big strides to make if it is to do its bit to help combat climate change. Across their range of materials handling products, from forklift trucks to paper reel holders and empty container handlers, they have been investing in technology to make them low carbon or carbon neutral wherever possible.

While the green angle is important, it’s part of a wider picture that also involves tackling issues like recycling and noise pollution, both of which affect the environment and the workers who use their equipment too. To combat these issues Hyster has been investing in technology to reduce the number of parts within its vehicles, as well as to reduce the need for part replacement and waste. It has also been looking at ways to reduce noise, such as investing in electric vehicle technology, to reduce the impact of noise pollution on the environment and on the workers who use and work alongside their vehicles.

Why are Hyster electric forklifts becoming more popular?

The electric forklift truck market has undergone a revolution over the last twenty to thirty years, going from 70% fuel-driven to 70% electric over that time. The electric truck has gone from being an expensive and underpowered optional extra to being the mainstay of the materials handling industry, and that’s all thanks to the work that companies like Hyster have put into improving and refining the technology into what it is today.

Through a combination of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, the technology has improved so much in recent years that it is now the obvious first choice for forklift fleet owners. The first and most obvious benefit is the lack of fuel needed to power the trucks. While fuel prices have varied enormously over the last few decades, on a generally upward trajectory as the price of oil increases, the price of electricity has remained steady or trended downwards thanks to newer and more competitive markets. Other benefits to this are that companies no longer have to buy fuel in bulk, eliminating those large capital expenditures, as well as the cost of safely storing all that fuel. But fuel isn’t the only consumable eliminated by electric trucks, which also use much less oil and no transmission fluid, which cuts cost, waste and maintenance all at the same time.

Speaking of maintenance, electric trucks require much less of it because they have many fewer moving parts than ones that use fossil fuels, which means there is less to go wrong and less to check during their regular maintenance schedule. Also, because they need to be maintained less often, you can get away with fewer trucks on your books because you don’t need as many spares to keep you operating at full capacity.

Aside from the cost angles, there are many benefits to the sustainability boxes that your new electric forklifts tick. For one thing, your business will be able to boast exceptional carbon emissions figures to potential clients or contracts. This may open doors with larger corporations or Government clients who have strict climate targets to adhere to, not to mention the general reputational boost you’ll receive.

Your workplace will also benefit from the introduction of fully electric forklift trucks, which are much safer and kinder to your employees than the ICE trucks that they’ll replace. It goes without saying that the air quality in your business will increase substantially by removing all that CO and CO2 from the air, helping you meet regulations on air quality, but less obvious benefits like heat and noise reduction are also possible. By not producing as much heat you’ll have less heat to mitigate through air conditioning, while cutting the noise your trucks make will make it easier to meet workplace safety standards and help your employees hear each other to prevent other accidents.

Hyster electric forklifts are helping the company to establish itself at the very top of the market for the quality and variety of the units it offers, and these nine new models will ensure it keeps that crown for many years to come. Regardless of the size of the job that needs doing, they’ve got a model that will go above and beyond what you’d expect for an older electric or ICE forklift truck, while introducing several notable improvements. Whether you’re looking to save money, boost your environmental credentials or make a real difference to your workplace sustainability, they’re the obvious choice.

If you’re looking to add a new Hyster forklift to your fleet then get in touch today to discuss options with our friendly team.

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