Hiremech has completed the delivery of 15 new Hyster machines, fitted with Lithium Ion batteries, to Mansfields.

The new fleet is a mix of four wheel forklifts and platform pallet trucks, which will be used to boost productivity at Mansfields’ 20+ farms across the South East region.

Mansfields have been in the fruit business for many generations and are currently one of the largest fruit growing, storage and packing operations in the UK, both supplying and providing service provision for apples, pears, strawberries, cherries and other stone fruit throughout the year to the UK’s major supermarkets.  Mansfields pride themselves on being land owners who are in direct control of all of their investments, which drives sustainability and enables full traceability and provenance.

Mansfields have now completed rolling out state of the art production across all its facilities. Alongside innovating its production, the company has rolled out a carbon zero scheme and an environmental strategy to match and these new machines will help achieve greater levels of performance and efficiency. The Lithium Ion batteries mean operators can use the machines for longer, whilst also making significant energy savings and helping to reduce their environmental impact. This technology also allows for opportunity charging, which is ideal for busy shift patterns that need to keep working.

This investment in brand-new Lithium Ion equipment shows their clear commitment to sustainability and understanding of their carbon footprint responsibility.

Lee Port, Head of Operations at Mansfields, commented:

“Advancements in farming technology continue apace, which is why Mansfields are constantly looking ahead to plan for future investments that will continue to keep them sustainable and ahead of the competition, and indeed continuing its legacy of innovation dating right back to its beginnings”

Paul Green, Hiremech’s Managing Director, commented:

“We are delighted to have completed this latest delivery of Hyster equipment to Mansfields.

“From our initial conversations, they made it clear that any new equipment would need to be energy efficient. We were quickly able to present a suitable solution of Hyster trucks fitted with Lithium Ion batteries.

“The team at Mansfields were impressed with the energy savings, performance and opportunity charging that this offered and following agreement of the deal earlier in 2020, the equipment has arrived on-time, on-site and ready to go.

“We look forward to working closely with Mansfields and supporting their equipment requirements as their business continues to grow.”

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