Here are Hiremech we are really pleased to offer you the Nexen, Pallet Truck which we are sure is the best value for money Hand Pallet Truck on the market.

The beauty of the Nexen is that the manufacturers have gone to great lengths to reduce operator strain whilst pulling or pushing. How many times has a member of your team complained of discomfort whilst using a hand pallet truck? I’m hearing from customers that the Nexen is a hit & that the new handle design make’s it really easy to use.

We try to keep the costs of Pallet Trucks right down for you and I spend a great deal of time looking what’s available on the market. I always want to ensure value for money and quality.

The Nexen Hand Pallet truck has a 2500 kg capacity and this particular model has metal wheels, replacing the old plastic solution. This result is it’s much tougher and stands up to more difficult surfaces. It also works with both standard and Euro pallets.

The Nexen has a 12 month warranty on it should anything go wrong with it. We really pleased with it and I really hope that you will be too.


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