Through intensive research and development programmes, Goupil have given the G5 range a revamp and upgrade to G5 V2.

It may look the same as its predecessor G5 V1, but the electrical systems amongst a number of refinements have been upgraded in-line with the most common feedback points.  Goupil are a company who care; both about their products & end users which is demonstrated by their continued support and development programmes for the full line up of their range.
With the end user in mind the new drive setup is geared towards higher top speed capability, meaning it’s easier to keep up with traffic flow in electric mode.  With the addition of new goodies such as power steering, central locking and a new line up of body options, the G5 makes a great all round addition to any fleet.  From urban deliveries, chilled food deliveries (-20c to 12c Class C) and waste bin collections the G5 has it covered saving your business money, increasing productivity and slashing your carbon foot print by up to 4.8 tons per year.

Summary of new features:

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Central locking options
  • 72v Battery System – Improved top speed 33mph in electric-only mode
  • New 72v AC Drive Motor – Increasing speed usually comes at a cost, however the new motor actually delivers more mid-range torque over the previous design
  • Cab Refinements – Improved door design and cabin soundproofing for a quieter experience
  • Hybrid Drive System – Smoother transition between electric and engine
  • Body Options – Now include Reefer Van, Litter Bin Collector, Watering/High Pressure Washer and Leaf Collector along with the original Pick Up, Box Van & Tipper variants

Feel free to give us a call and let us show you how much you can save with our handy life cost comparison showing real life savings over a conventional van.

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