The nights are certainly drawing in and the weather is definitely colder. All of these things affect how a forklift will run and can also impact on your machines ability to perform. Follow this guide to ensure that you prepare for the winter weather.


A lot of people working in the logistics industry do take care of their forklift trucks. However, here’s a quick reminder of the importance of proper forklift truck maintenance for the minority that unfortunately don’t.
A well maintained machine is something that should be a source of pride. Keeping a machine working by repairing and replacing any faulty parts is a sure-fire way of minimising costs and increasing sustainability.
Cold weather can seriously impact on a machines ability to perform to the best of its capabilities. Ensure that your forklift truck survives the winter by taking proper care of it.

Icy floors and pathways

A warehouse is a busy environment, so it is natural for pathways to sometimes become clogged up by dirt or mess. However, during the colder months, water will freeze. This can cause numerous problems for warehouse managers as frozen water can cause moving forklifts to become unstable which in turn can cause accidents or damage to the vehicle itself.
The best way to manage this situation is by keeping a vigilant eye on any mess or excess water that may be left behind by busy or careless employees.

Clear snow quickly

We all wish for a white Christmas (we should be so lucky). However, in the unlikely event of snow, make sure that you have the right equipment to deal with whatever frosty situation may arise. You will need to act as quickly as possible as snow can cause a multitude of problems if it isn’t dealt with immediately.
Snowed up buildings and roads can impact on productivity as well as the general operations. Snow can damage forklifts and other logistics equipment by leaking through and ruining the engines or rusting through the metal.

Correct equipment

In some ways, running a forklift truck is quite similar to what you do with a car. You need to make sure that you have all the correct equipment and chemicals quick to hand. This includes anti-freeze as well as oils and lubricants. These are all really valuable in the fight against the cold weather. I’ve lost count of the number of times that an oil change or a quick dose of anti-freeze has resurrected one of my forklift trucks.

Employee education

Last but not least, employee education is of the upmost importance when trying to battle the winter weather. You need to make sure that everyone working within the business has the same level of urgency when dealing with the many weather related problems that logistics businesses face.
This can be achieved through creating posters and distributing literature throughout the company. Make sure that everything is quick and easy to digest. You don’t want to lose your employees interest by waffling on. Also, depending on how big your workforce is, you could run some instructional sessions that show them the best way to maintain the vehicles.

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