It doesn’t matter how big a company is – whether you’re a multi-national conglomerate or just a small team working in a specific region – you still need to ensure that you and your staff are as safe as possible. Ask anyone with a good amount of experience working in the logistics industry what their number one priority is when they are on site and they will tell you that it’s safety, safety, safety. To a good warehouse manager, safety makes the world go round. Without it, you are destined to fail.

So without further ado, here are the four best ways to keep you and your staff safe and alert:


Before you start anything, you need to make sure that everything has been tested and assessed. This can include safety checks, MOT’s and refresher training courses. Doing this encourages a culture of collective responsibility and ensures that you don’t fail before you start. I would actually go as far to say that this is a pretty good practice for living your life.

Have the correct machinery

So many people buy forklift trucks and machinery yet they never, ever take proper care of it. As we’ve been through before, you’ve got to look after these machines. It isn’t that hard to do but ensures that you don’t end up having to rush out and buy a new one each time it breaks. Another reason why you should do this is that properly looked after machines are less likely to cause harm to you or your employees. Poorly maintained vehicles lead to dangerous situations that can best be avoided through proper maintenance and care.

Equip them properly

Another thing that people forget about when they purchase logistics machinery is to equip them with the correct accessories. Things like hazard lights and indicators mean that the driver of the vehicle can warn those around him. This ensures that potential hazards are met head on rather than after the fact.

Good training

While it may be relatively boring to everyone involved, training and educating your workforce ensures a culture of compliance and safety. If everyone is educated on the importance of safety then there are no reasons why accidents should happen. Education is the biggest factor in determining warehouse safety.

Good to know

Without trying to sound preachy, these four rules are the golden tenets of warehouse safety and compliance. Preparing to succeed is the best thing you can do, and an important part of that is ensuring that you understand how and why poor safety standards have to be tackled head on.

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