As advancements in technology progress and more companies look for ways to begin helping the environment, it is not only becoming more and more cost effective to ‘go green’, it just makes sound business sense. By Conserving resources and cutting down on waste you are not only saving money, but helping our environment by reducing the size of your carbon footprint.
Being ‘Environmentally Friendly’ couldn’t be easier with our DP15-35N – GP15-35N Forklift Truck Range. The 5 pre-set performance settings allow the operator to match the truck to all situations and the Electric ‘Steer-by-wire’ system with force feedback requires no hydraulics to operate (3 wheel models) and reduces energy consumption. Advanced AC technology provides fast lift and travel speeds for quicker and efficient work cycles.
Bright LED working lights give improved visibility in confined areas as well as easy access to all components, contributing to quicker maintenance.
Forklifts trucks are renowned for being noisy machines, but the Standard belly plates ensure a clean engine compartment, resulting in a reduction of noise levels.
As well as the environmentally friendly and maintenance features, the High visibility mast, overhead guard, double action parking brake & audible alarm are but a few of the safety features designed to keep the operator safe.

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