CAT has a long and storied heritage of innovation and developing outstanding technologies that first started during the conception of the company itself. This continued throughout the Californian gold rush into the beginnings of the Second World War. The company has always ensured that each machine that it designs and manufactures is of the highest quality in terms of sustainability and engineering standards.
The year 2015 is no different, as the manufacturing giant steamrollers on with its plans to make the company more sustainable. In light of some recent controversies involving other large companies not exactly fulfilling their corporate responsibility, it is now the time for major corporations to show more leadership.

Chief of these concerns is the biggest threat facing our planet today. Whereas concerns about the environment used to be a rather niche interest, it is now in the mainstream and has become a concern that is shared by everyone, from Presidents to activists.
Combating climate change is an issue of huge importance and something that requires a collective rather than individual focus. This is why CAT has taken steps to reduce their footprint by providing a service that causes a minimal impact on the planet.

Designed with sustainability in mind

One of the many ways that CAT develops sustainable lift trucks is by manufacturing electrically powered machines. These have minimal impact on the environment as they produce no fumes and do not require fossil fuels to run.
The manufacturing process has been structured in a way that reduces the amount of CO2 produced. This is done through using electric equipment that produce a minimal amount of emissions. In fact, it is the operational stage that accounts for 80-90 percent of all emissions. This ongoing devotion to high-tech product development is one of the reasons that CAT is such a successful company.

Green powered

CATs range of electric powered forklifts use an ‘advanced AC green power’ which improves performance and power while generating longer shift cycles. Electrically powered forklift trucks also have a longer shelf life and don’t need to be replaced or repurchased numerous times.
This means that sustainability isn’t just something that reduces emissions and saves the planet; it’s also a cost-saving measure. It is something that appeals to both environmental activists and thrifty business owners.

Corporate responsibility

Sustainability is a massive part of corporate social responsibility. You may not have heard this term before but it is becoming a massive part of the way that modern businesses operate. It is absolutely necessary that in this complex, interconnected world that companies (big and small) are aware of the need for them to manage their social, cultural and environmental impact.
This is achieved through incorporating these objectives into their daily operations. This renewed interest in corporate social responsibility isn’t something that’s gone amiss among others in the forklift truck industry. Contempary manufacturers such as Jungheinrich and Toyota have started to see the benefits and importance of increasing their efforts to make sure that they fulfil what is required of them as large corporations. As this attitude rubs off on other industries, we will surely reap the rewards sooner than later.

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