Action For Kids

We here at Hiremech Ltd are proud to sponsor children’s charity Action For Kids who provide specialist support for young people living with disabilities. Last night the charity held their Race Night fundraising event which saw a fantastic lineup of special guests and entertainment turn out to celebrate the fantastic work carried out by their volunteers.

As a gesture of goodwill this festive season, Hiremech have decided to send out e-cards instead of Christmas cards. The £200 usually spent on these cards will then be donated to Action For Kids to carry on their good work.

Action For Kids exists to support disabled children and young people to live the life they want – just like everyone else.

The charity provides courses and events during school holidays for students as well as young children to keep them active, creative and developing skills all year round to enhance their lives no matter what difficulties they face.

The charity was founded by Sally Bishop in 1991 in response to a friend’s disabled son who was unable to receive the wheelchair he needed on the NHS.

She raised the necessary funds and ordered the wheelchair herself giving the young boy a new lease of life and a much happier childhood.Word spread and soon other requests for equipment arrived and Action For Kids was born.

In 2013 Sally was awarded an OBE for her services to children and young people.

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