Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, Hiremech has provided vital forklift training to key workers from across London and the South East.

Recently, three NHS workers, Vithana Opatha, Ranjan Perera and Gileshan Rajaratne, were the latest to complete their training. By completing the course, they are now fully qualified in forklift operation and can begin their work as part of the NHS logistics team and warehouse that supplies all London hospitals with PPE.

Hiremech has also completed delivery of two Hyster counterbalance forklifts and two Hyster platform pallet trucks to the warehouse.

Paul Green, Hiremech’s Managing Director commented: “We are proud to have supported London’s key workers and businesses throughout the pandemic with our forklift training programmes.

All of our courses are fully compliant with COVID-19 regulations and our team is experienced in ensuring a safe training environment for all attendees.

“The skill and knowledge of our training team continues to shine through, and we’ve had some fantastic feedback about the content and professionalism of the training. We would like to thank Vithana, Ranjan and Gileshan for their hard work and willingness to learn during their time on the course.

“If your business needs support with forklift training, then we have more than twenty years’ experience working in London and the South-East with all types of forklift trucks and can help get your employees up to speed!”

To find out more about Hiremech’s forklift training courses click here or speak to our team today.


T: 020 8880 3322

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