Working in the heart of the capital, the Hiremech team helps local businesses to do all sorts of jobs every day. Last week, the team helped B Baker Ltd in North London to move a brand new pizza oven into their restaurant.

This was all part of Hiremech’s ‘Lift Truck and Driver Service’, which allows businesses to hire a truck and a driver for a specific one-off task. This is much more convenient and cost-effective for businesses who need a job completing, but don’t have a qualified driver of their own.

Paul Green, Hiremech’s Managing Director, commented: “From our experience, we know there are lots of companies who hire equipment for longer than they need it. Our lift truck and driver service is set up especially for those who need a job doing fast and without any fuss.

“In this case, we were able to send one of our Hyster forklifts along with a driver and complete the delicate delivery of an awkward object into a restaurant. The customer was very happy with how easy and straightforward the whole process was, which is exactly what we’re here to do.

“No matter the job, we’ve got the specialist equipment and the highly-skilled drivers to make it happen, saving you time and money in the process.”

To find out more about Hiremech’s Lift Truck Driver Service, speak to our team today.


T: 020 8880 3322

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