Mega acquisition by Goupil / Polaris

As most of you are aware, Hiremech are a long-standing London based Aixam Mega dealer (2007 – 2012) and still continue to service and maintain the many hundreds of Mega’s in London & Surrounding areas. As a Mega specialist we continue to offer new and used parts, servicing, maintenance and breakdowns, so business as usual.

We had a spate of dealing with Tata Electric Vehicles, which some of you may remember for a brief while in 2012.  However, the Tata Ace van was just not fit for the UK market and the program was dropped shortly after we backed out. After much evaluation we found Goupil.

In late 2012, we officially became a Goupil dealer for their line-up of Electric and Hybrid Utility vehicles for the Goupil G3 & G5 range.  Aixam and Goupil have been longs standing French allies, competing in Europe for market share.

Why Goupil?
Goupil are Europe’s largest Electric Vehicle manufacturer. In fact, Goupil are the only Electric Vehicle manufacturer to base their core business around Electric Vehicles.  Goupil were recently acquired by Polaris Industries Inc., who are an American giant specialising in many a manor of vehicles including ATV’s, Snowmobiles and Motorbikes.  Interesting fact: Polaris recently acquired the Indian Motor Brand and has re-launched this iconic motorbike alongside their Victory Range.  Enough side tracking you say, so what is the point of the Polaris acquisition?

Well with Polaris’ base of utility vehicles, components, expertise and financial support, Goupil were able to accelerate research and development for the Goupil vehicle line up. This essentially ironed out all the known issues and provided component upgrades, thus making the Goupil the latest and greatest in its market price band.

So what happened to Mega?
Polaris… also acquired Aixam Mega, adding Aixam to their ever-growing portfolio of electric vehicles!  Polaris also owns the American GEM range of electric vehicles.


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