At Hiremech, we’re incredibly proud of our relationships with other local businesses and also charities. Forging links in the community is a great way of giving back to an area that has given us so much. We’ve been based in North London for the best part of 20 years and it will be absolutely fantastic to see so many familiar faces down at Highgate Golf Club.

The venue itself is nothing short of breathtaking and a brisk walk through the course will remind you why this course has been such a local favourite for so many years. The event itself has been organised by Mind, a national charity who work to help those with mental health issues.

Valuable work for a serious issue

Mental health is a serious issue and something that we’re all very conscious of at Hiremech. So when the charity got in touch and asked us to sponsor the event, we jumped at the chance. The folks at Mind are doing absolutely amazing work in and around the community to help those less fortunate and need all the support they can muster.

The big day itself kicks off at 8.30am on the 1st July and will consist of a friendly (but competitive) game of golf which will take in the golf courses 18 holes. There will be 24 teams taking part in the competition so expect there to be a bit of friendly rivalry. Prior to that there will be a light breakfast with a BBQ planned for when the tournament finishes.

Get involved!

It’s going to be a really great day out and we can’t wait to see you all down there. The work that Mind are doing is invaluable for a lot of people up and down the country. Getting involved is really easy – all you have to do is drop a line to Suzy Barber, Mind in Haringey’s Communication, Marketing and Events manager. You can find her details at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Suzy Barber

0208 340 2474


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