Goupil G5 electric vans

Introducing the Goupil G5, the ideal urban delivery van with the capability to go the distance.

The Goupil G5 can achieve 200+ combined miles in Hybrid mode offering the benefits of electric, whilst retaining the 'fuel and go' principles of engine vans for extended distance runs.

Saving money whilst delivering in town, take advantage of the free congestion zone use and free road tax as with all other electric vehicles. With its low running cost, practical body options and durable Polaris all-terrain inspired components, the Goupil G5 is no gimmick.

Well equipped, the Goupil G5 has a host of creature comforts we have grown to expect.

Electric van G5The Goupil G5 is the perfect urban delivery van.

What can the Goupil G5 electric van offer you?


  • Up to 760kg payload capacity
  • 2 passengers
  • Road approved
  • 33mph top speed in electric mode
  • 48mph in hybrid mode
  • Up to 6m³ useful volume
  • 35 – 200+ mile range

The G5 vans all come with:   

  • Power steering
  • Central locking
  • Electric, hybrid & webasto cab heaters
  • Electric defrosting windscreens
  • Mp3 radio

The power source

The Goupil range utilises heavy-duty traction type batteries, which are tried and tested technology, widely adopted in industry applications offering a durable and dependable power source.

It's available with three battery pack sizes offering a 35, 40 or 50 mile range from a full charge. The Goupil range can also utilise a quick change battery system. The Goupil charges direct from a domestic 3-pin socket (240v/13Amp) which can take up to 8 hours from flat.

The Range

There are multiple adaptable and flexible options available. Choose from tippers, drop side, box vans up to 6m³, caged vans, fridge vans, watering and high pressure washer vans or litter bin collectors, plus combined options like a caged van with pressure washer,  or the popular caged van leaf collector.

The Goupil G5 Tipper Van

The Goupil G5 Box Van

The Goupil G5 Fridge Van

The Goupil G5 High Pressure Washer Van

The Goupil G5 Combined Pressure Washer and Leaf Collector Van

The Goupil G5 Dropside Van

The Goupil G5 Caged Van

The Goupil G5 Watering Van

The Goupil G5 Litter Bin Collector Van

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