Goupil G3 electric vans

Introducing the Goupil G3, and industry leader in its class.

Durable, adaptable and a true performer. The G3 has a narrow footprint and small turning radius, which makes it ideal as an onsite utility van and it is also road legal and able to get through most on-street bollards. With anti-corrosion and a powder coat-treated steel beam chassis, maintenance-free AC motor and heavy-duty traction batteries, the G3 is a true workhorse.

With a host of body types and application specific options the G3 can be set up as a multifunction unit. This can include waste collection, leaf collection and even pressure washing all in one single unit. 

Electric Groupil G3The Goupil G3 is the perfect runaround for daily tasks.

What can the Goupil G3 electric van offer you?


  • Up to 700kg payload capacity
  • 2 passengers
  • Road approved
  • 25mph top speed in electric mode
  • Up to 4m³ useful volume
  • 30 - 50 mile range battery packs
  • 0g Co² - no emissions

Industries it is perfect for:

  • Park and garden maintenance
  • Street cleaning
  • Tourist and resort sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Delivery and logistics

The power source

The Goupil range utilises heavy-duty traction type batteries, which are tried and tested technology, widely adopted in industry applications offering a durable and dependable power source.

It's available with three battery pack sizes offering a 35, 40 or 50 mile range from a full charge. The Goupil range can also utilise a quick change battery system. The Goupil charges direct from a domestic 3-pin socket (240v/13Amp) which can take up to 8 hours from flat.

The Range

The Goupil G3 is offered direct from the factory with a wide range of body and special equipment options included under the van warranty. Take a look at the range here:

The Goupil G3 Tipper Van

The Goupil G3 Box Van

The Goupil G3 Waste Tipping Collector Van

The Goupil G3 High Pressure Cleaner Van

The Goupil G3 Drop Side Pickup Van

The Goupil G3 Canvass Van

The Goupil G3 Isothermal & Reefer Van

The G3 Waste Collector - Lambo doors

The Goupil G3 Watering Van

The Goupil G3 Combined Options

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