We are pleased to announce that Goupil are launching their latest addition to their current line up of Electric Vehicles – the “Goupil G1”.

Consulting the “Goupil Industrie” online brochure it is clear to see the technological progression each model has undergone. Now – just like many other vehicles in the 21st century – a hybrid engine represents one of the latest advancements in cleaner low emission vehicles, however, as much as engineers are motivated in green alternatives – retaining power is crucial and their efforts clearly have been a success.

The G1 has a 1 ton load capacity and better still a three ton tow capacity to ensure maximum applicability. Clearly this is a very multi-functional tool and from reading the Goupil online brochure which can be accessed here, the various points on ergonomic ease of use tells of why this tool renders most labour intensive jobs as easy.

So clearly this new model is tailored to suit the needs and demands of most industries, from small to medium sized enterprises and public to private companies.

This is a work tool therefore it can be used in many applications/industries including:

  • Industrial Sites, Airports
  • Golf Courses
  • Resorts, zoos, universities
  • Factory & Warehouses
  • Parks & Municipal


Its key features include:

  • Accommodation of 2 to 4 passengers
  • Golf cart compatibility
  • 3 ton towing capacity
  • Funky Transformers Look
  • Base frame – possibility of an enclosed cabin or tray, van or folding rear seat



  • Steel anticorrosion treatment (cataphoresis)
  • Non-slip flooring resin rot
  • Side Boards fixed, retractable and folding tailgate
  • Dimensions:- Width: 1100 mm x 900 mm Length – Height boards: 250 mm – Height Floor: 780 mm


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