Forklifts and football aren’t the most obvious pairing, but our North London-based company is determined to buck the trend. For more than 10 years, Hiremech and Tottenham Hotspurs FC have enjoyed a strong relationship. This was strengthened recently when Hiremech unveiled a striking set of Tottenham Hotspurs FC branded forklift trucks for the team’s merchandise warehouse, located in Enfield.


A nod to the Spurs

With a warehouse filled with Tottenham Hotspur fans, the arrival of the bespoke navy blue forklifts with the iconic Spurs emblem was certainly welcome. Designed to help staff move Tottenham Hotspurs FC merchandise around the expansive warehouse, the blue cabs with white accents are just the thing needed to boost the team’s spirit. Not only are they visually striking, but they are also the industry gold standard in forklift trucks, so the team can be assured of long-term productivity.

The forklift truck supplied is a Narrow Aisle Flexi G4, an industry leading truck for warehouse optimization combining the benefits/capabilities of a counterbalance and a reach truck.  The additional two small units are our latest EP JX1 (Man Up Order Picker) model that we are very excited about and well received by customers who have tried it so far.


While Tottenham Hotspurs FC fans will have a long wait this summer to see if their stadium will be ready in time for the start of the season, fans in the warehouse have been handed an early treat. For any fans ordering the latest merchandise from the online Tottenham Hotspurs FC fan shop, they can be assured their orders will be picked and packed in style thanks to the custom-designed forklift trucks. The Enfield-based warehouse is a key part of the local community and provides jobs and training for local residents. The team will now be able to show their true colours at work as they zip around the warehouse on their Tottenham-branded forklifts.


Hiremech and the community

Hiremech has a long history of maintaining strong connections to the local community and is proud to serve a range of local businesses. In July 2017, we delivered an array of cleaning equipment to the local microbrewery, Camden Town Brewery. As a beloved local brand and a growing name in the international brewing scene, this was an important partnership for Hiremech. Being a part of the community and getting to know the local businesses is an essential part of our ethos. As the Hiremech headquarters are so close to the site of the new Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, this was a natural partnership. As fans await the arrival of the new 62,000 seater stadium which is due to be unveiled in August for the start of the season, Hiremech has been busy preparing our own nod to the team.


The community is at the heart of everything for Hiremech. It isn’t enough to be London’s sole provider of the Caterpillar range of forklift trucks, we also want to be engaged with the local businesses. With a client list that includes well-known household brands right down to single users, there’s a reason that companies always return to Hiremech for all of their needs. For more than 20 years, Hiremech has been helping companies of all sizes to achieve their goals with forklift trucks and other essential warehouse equipment and machines. London Underground, Workshop Coffee and The Royal Opera House are just some of our very happy customers.

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