Forklift training in London

Before a member of your staff can drive one of your forklift trucks, they need to have completed comprehensive training. Not only will forklift training ensure your employees are complying with Health and Safety regulations, but it will also help them to do their jobs more efficiently.

Forklift truck operators must have been trained to use the specific type of truck they will be driving on-site. They must also hold valid certification, as stated by the Health and Safety at Work act 1974.

We have more than twenty years’ experience working with all types of forklift trucks and provide customers with comprehensive driver-training packages. Our course details are outlined below.

Our driver training packages:

What do our training packages include?

  • Industry-recognised RTITB accredited forklift driver training
  • Training either in-house at our fully equipped training centre or on your site
  • Legal requirements for compliance with Health & Safety legislations
  • Therory & practical assesments
  • Counterbalance, Reach Truck, Flexi, Powered Pallet Trucks, Stackers and many more courses available

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Our driver training packages

Hiremech’s driver training packages have been specifically designed to ensure that your employees develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to operate forklift trucks in a safe manner.

We will tailor our driver training packages to the type of forklift trucks your employees will be operating, ensuring they have excellent knowledge of the equipment by the end of the training programme. Driver training can either take place in-house at our fully equipped training centre or at your work premises.

We provide driving training packages for all truck and licence categories. We also offer a wide range of course types suitable for different levels of experience including:

  • Novice
  • Experienced
  • Refresher
  • Conversion (new truck type)

Our training centre

We provide our customers with two location options for their driver training.

It can either take place on-site at their work premises or at our purpose built training centre. If you choose to carry out the training on-site, our qualified driving trainers will visit your work place by appointment. Your equipment will be used during the training process.

Alternatively you can choose to carry out the training at our dedicated training centre in London. Hiremech’s training centre is fully equipped and will be staffed appropriately, according to the number of employees attending the training course.

Training centre location:

Unit 1, Tariff Road,
Tottenham, London,
N17 0EB

Forklift truck driving course information

What will you learn on the training course?

1) Introduction to driving a forklift truck

All of our comprehensive driving courses start off with an informative introduction. We will provide an explanation of the current legislation and operators’ safety code to bring employees up to speed on the relevant theory they must learn.

In order to pass the course, they will also need to complete a theory assessment that will test their knowledge.

2) Daily forklift truck inspection

As well as teaching your employees to drive the forklift trucks safely, we will also equip them with the skills and knowledge to carry out daily inspection procedures.

Having this knowledge is vital, as it will allow them to check their forklifts before operating them to ensure they are safe to use. We will also teach them load-handling theory to ensure they comply with Healthy and Safety regulations.

3) The practical assessment

The final part of the forklift truck driving course will involve a practical assessment.

Like with a driving test, the forklift truck driving test requires candidates to perform a number of manoeuvres in a safe manner. In order to pass the test the candidate must:

These sections will determine whether or not your employees are competent in forklift truck driving. After completing the assessments successfully, we will provide them with the necessary certification to prove that they have gained the required qualifications.

Forklift truck course bookings

If you are interested in booking your employees on one of our forklift truck training courses, please get in touch with our sales team. They will ask you a number of questions about the type of forklift trucks you use and your employees’ levels of ability. This will help to determine the most appropriate driving course for each of your employees.

To make an enquiry please call us on 020 8880 3322 or email: sales@hiremech.co.uk.

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