The Perfect Solution by Hiremech

As part of an exciting new installation at London’s Tate Modern, we were enlisted to lift a variety of essential materials and equipment into the museum. A unique concept, the installation is Clare Twomey’s “FACTORY: the seen and the unseen”. Launching at the Tate Exchange in 2017/18, it’s an interesting concept that will see a ceramics factory open to the public, created by the public. On opening, members of the public will be given the chance to mould and cast a variety of ceramics, from teapots to jugs and flowers.

A Worthy Challenge

This was an ambitious project for us, mainly due to the fact that Clare Twomey’s installation would be taking place in a 30-metre workspace on the building’s fifth floor. Over eight tonnes of processed white clay from Dudsons needed to be transported into the area, as well as one wall of drying racks and over 2,000 fired clay objects. In addition to this, a variety of plaster moulds which included teapots and lids for Dudsons’ current production line was transported alongside smaller moulds, such as jugs and handles. These moulds will be used for casting by the workers and the public participants. Other items that we were required to transport included a range of display furniture including cages, carts and ware trolleys with wooden shelves. Essentials for the room, such as 2.5-metre roller tables and scrap trolleys, were also enlisted to us for secure transportation.

How did we do Job?

To guarantee effective and safe transportation of these items into the installation space, we decided to use our Walk Behind Powered Pallet Trucks. Due to the installation being on the fifth floor of the building, we had to be mindful of the potentially difficult journey from the loading bay to our target destination. Navigating these heavy and fragile items such a distance needed as much control as possible, which a Walk Behind Powered Pallet Truck could offer. And, even though moving and positioning the goods was a challenging process, due to the truck’s smaller size, the more awkward movements and positions of the journey were easier to complete.

The task required strong management of palletised goods and in some more delicate cases, manual handling. To give our client peace of mind and maintain the highest of standards, we ensured the safety and condition of goods by lifting them with fragile mouldings. When it came to lifting equipment, we decided to use clay castings which would contribute to optimising efficiency as well.

Great Results

On completion of the task, the Tate Exchange’s production assistant, George Rayner-Law, contacted us regarding our work.

“Firstly. I wanted to say thanks for last Monday. Our load in went really well, and wouldn’t have been possible without your company’s services. The operative who came (I’ve forgotten his name, unfortunately) specifically was very helpful, personable and eager.”- George Rayner-Law, Production Assistant, Tate Exchange.

Although it was a tricky job at times, we were confident with our delivery and transportation of the goods for Clare Twomey’s installation. Our operative handled the more awkward positions and journeys with care and detail, assuring our client and their needs.

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