When you work in a warehouse environment with heavy machinery, health and safety is paramount. Here’s a few clips of forklift operators who didn’t follow health and safety, and ended up a little embarrassed.


The operator who didn’t check his environment

As far as health and safety goes, being aware of your surroundings should be top priority. Someone clearly didn’t tell that to this warehouse worker. As he attempted to unload his cargo, he didn’t check that his truck was lined up with the loading bay properly. It wasn’t. He’ll have learned his lesson, but not the easy way!



The operator who didn’t keep it low

When your work requires a reach truck – a truck with a lifting mechanism that extends much further than normal – there’s plenty of health and safety considerations to keep in mind. It’s good practice to lower your cargo as soon as you can, for example. This forklift operator didn’t, and it didn’t turn out so well for him.



The operator who didn’t check the height of his forks

Even if you’re operating a regular forklift instead of a reach truck, you also need to keep an eye on your surroundings. If you’re careening around the warehouse in a reckless fashion, you’re more likely to miss out on vital details. For example, the fact that your forklift isn’t going to fit into the space you’re driving it through. Whoops.



The operator who didn’t communicate with his colleagues

Communication is absolutely vital for health and safety in a warehouse environment. Work that takes place in the loading dock is especially prone to communication-based errors, as you can see in the clip below. Be sure you know what everyone around you is doing, and you can avoid any nasty accidents.


The operator who didn’t watch his load

If you’re carrying an oddly shaped load, you need to be more aware of your surroundings than usual. Clearly, the operator in this clip didn’t get the memo, potentially injuring his colleague in the process. We’d bet that his colleague wasn’t too happy with him after this!


The operator who tried to show off

This clip acts as a reminder that heavy machinery is not to be messed around with. This forklift operator decided to use his forklift to whizz around in a circle, and was inevitably sent flying. We’d be surprised if he emerged from this with all his bones intact. Ouch!


This operator who wasn’t careful in the warehouse

This video will have any health and safety practitioners out there watching through their fingers. A fleeting few seconds of reckless driving in the warehouse causes all of the racks in frame go clattering to the ground. Worryingly, the driver is buried underneath boxes and shelving. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. But this shows just how wrong things can go if recklessness, poor health and safety, and rotten luck are combined.


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