One of our previous blog entries introduced FLTA Awards For Excellence. And this weekend on Saturday 28th February, the Forklift Truck Association Awards for Excellence will take place at the International Centre in Telford.

The event is a big date for anyone in the Materials Handling industry and sponsors will travel from across the world to attend. It is now in its 21st year and aims to encourage outstanding achievements in the forklift industry.

Champions in four main product categories will be given the highly anticipated awards. These are environment, ergonomics, safety and innovation.


These awards recognise products that help reduce emissions and resource consumption but still get the job done. The candidates are:

Counterbalance truck optimised for efficiency produce by Linde Material handling

• Reserve fuel tank design that keeps gas fuel in liquid form, allowing more time to drive for refuelling. By Marshalls’ Industrial.

• Three sided wall to surround pallets preventing, damage to goods from falling pallets, by Practical Warehouse Solutions.


The products here help keep fork lift operators comfortable, protecting their health and allowing them to work efficiently.

• Reach trucks featuring all round vision by Catlift Trucks.

• A rotating operator console by Combilift Limited.

• Modular Tilting Barriers, allowing drivers to reach an extra 500 mm into the load by Linde Materials Handling.

• Electric Counterbalance with an intelligent driving system by Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks.

• MR Reach Truck with an especially comfortable ride with lumbar support and adjustable suspension for reduced body vibration, by Yale Europe Materials Handling.


This section recognises steps taken by manufacturers to make their products safer and help reduce accidents and resulting injuries and damage. Up for the award are:

• Stereoscopic video camera by Arcure Ltd

• 360 degree peripheral visions system by Sony

• A high visibility benchmast by Jungheinrich

• Electronic driver assistance system by Linde Materials Handling (UK) ltd

• A polymer warehouse barrier system by Stommpy UK,

• Pallet truck sideguards by Toyota Material Handling

• A movement activated warning sing by Visiotronics.


While products are forever improving and developing, now and again a new leap of imagination or genius stands out. This year’s candidates are:

• A truck able to operate in 1600mm aisles by Aisle-Master

• A height adjustable tiller arm by CESAB material handling

• A specialised truck for laying quantity order picking by Flexi Narrow Aisle

• A reach truck with 4000 kg capacity by Hubtex

• A self replenishing picker by Translift Bendi

• A tire band indicating when replacement tyres are needed by Trelleborg Wheel Systems

• A reach truck with laser positioning forks by Yale Europe Materials Handling

The event is sure to be an exciting evening for anyone with an interest in forklift technology or house removal services. It should also be a lot of fun, with fine dining, live music, dancing and networking to be done at the International Centre in Telford. Tickets can be booked on the FLTA website.

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