Did you know that Hiremech also offer flexi forklifts? Well now you do.

The whole reason for offering flexi forklifts is so that businesses can utilise less space while using and storing their forklifts. They don’t have to worry about the size of the forklift before they use it. This is especially for companies in London and the south east who have to pay lots for renting small spaces which may not be able to fit a regular sized forklift. Up to 30% more storage space is created with the use of the flexi forklift compared to a standard reach truck, which means more aisles can be created in the warehouse.

These flexi forklifts can only lift regular size loads however, they are slim enough to fit into narrow aisles that have little room for side clearance. This means that there are no safety issues involved with the operation of the flexi forklift in narrow aisles unlike regular sized forklifts.

They are extremely manoeuvrable and this is because of their very tight turning circles. They also have a precision steering which prevents collision while shelving in tighter areas. These features are excellent together.

Currently in our fleet, we have the Flexi G4 (Europe’s most popular articulated forklift truck) but also have some older versions including the G3. Features of the G4 include:

  • Full 2000 kgs capacity at 600mm load centres
  • Zapi AC drive technology saves battery power
  • Works inside very narrow aisles and unloads outside in yard
  • Independent 1.8kW power steering motor for maximum energy saving
  • Heavy duty ‘VISION’ lift mast as standard
  • Unique ‘HiVIS’ twin post overhead guard as standard
  • Lift heights up to 10.5 metres in minimum stacking aisle
  • Easy battery changing, slide out or  roll out feature
  • Large cushion rubber tyres all round, non marking options
  • No serviceable components under battery, extra forklift not required
  • Twin Front wheel drive for smooth, precise accurate stacking
  • Independent power steering motor for low noise hydraulic steering

Here’s a short video to show how the Flexi forklifts work:

Want to hire a flexi truck? Have a look at our hire page for more details.



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