When it comes to hiring or buying a forklift truck, it is a good idea to have a little knowledge of the various different types available. Whereas some forklift truck models are designed for indoor use, others are better suited for tackling the tough terrain outdoors. Here we will provide an explanation of the different types of forklift trucks available.

Gas powered forklift trucks

Gas powered forklift trucks are powerful pieces of machinery that are best suited for outdoor use. They run on natural gas, which can be purchased in canisters. Although gas powered forklift trucks are fairly low cost to buy, they can be quite expensive to operate. Whilst they are very easy to refuel, you will have to find somewhere to store spare gas canisters. 

As previously mentioned gas powered forklift trucks are excellent for outdoor use and will tackle rugged and rough terrain with ease. The gas powered forklifts in our fleet here at Hiremech are capable of lifting loads up to ten thousand kilos. They also have pushing and towing functionality. 

If you are looking for a forklift truck suitable for using indoors and outside, then it is best to opt for a gas powered forklift. However, if you are going to use it inside, you should only do so for short periods of time. It is also important to make sure the area is well vented, as unfortunately gas powered forklifts produce harmful emissions.

Diesel powered forklift trucks

If gas powered forklift trucks are not for you, then you may want to consider hiring or buying a diesel powered forklift instead. Like gas forklifts, diesel forklifts are fairly low cost to buy, however the refueling costs can be fairly expensive. Aside from how they are powered, the main difference is that diesel forklifts cannot be used indoors. The emissions they produce are much too dangerous, so they must be used outdoors only.

Diesel powered forklift trucks are ideal for using outdoors and can navigate over the trickiest of terrain. Many of the diesel forklifts in our fleet are capable of handling loads up to fifteen thousand kilos. Like our gas powered forklifts, they are suitable for pushing and towing too.

Electric powered forklift trucks

If you are looking for forklift trucks to use in your warehouse, then your best option will be to hire or purchase electric powered forklift trucks. Electric forklifts are powered by battery (just like a car, only the battery is bigger) and usually last an entire shift before needing to be re-charged.  Unlike gas and diesel powered forklift trucks, electric powered forklifts do not produce any emissions and are therefore safe to use inside.

Another benefit of electric powered forklifts is that they are relatively quiet. Although they are fairly pricey to buy outright, the running cost is low.

Telescopic forklift trucks

Telescopic forklifts are similar to your average forklift; however they have a telescopic boom. Various different attachments can be put onto the end of the telescopic boom to make it easier to carry out certain jobs. For example, if you need to lift heavy pallets onto the top of your racking, you can attach a pallet fork to the end of the boom to make the job easier. Telescopic forklift trucks are similar to cranes, however they are cheaper to buy and are a more practical option for most businesses. 

Finding the right type of forklift for your business

After reading through this information you should have gained a better understanding of the different types of forklifts available. If you have any questions or require help selecting the right forklift for your business, get in touch with our expert sales team.

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