England vs Norway match at Wembley Stadium



The England versus Norway football match was held on the 3rd of September 2014 at Wembley Stadium in North London. Yet again, Hiremech were the heart and soul (in terms of industrial machinery) within the ground and provided the forklift power that helped make the set-up of the arena and crowd control defences work to their best ability on this very important day. You see behind the scenes of high footfall, crowd intensive events there is not only men and woman at work but machinery. Everything from logistics to the repositioning of heavy items is at work here and in this city of over 8 million people, we often gloss over the work that goes into these logistically complex events.

You’ll be glad to know that we won the match (well England won the match). The English team scored only one goal, however it was one more than Norway, which allowed the English team to win the match with a score of 1- 0. A huge thank you goes out to the newly appointed captain, who also happens to be the Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, for scoring that one very important goal in a penalty at the 68th minute. He is definitely proving himself. This is certainly a huge comeback from the World Cup which was held in Brazil earlier this summer.

Click here to view a clip from the recent match.

One thing’s for sure, these scenes of joy and sporting excellence are only facilitated by the ground and stadiums that they are played in. These constructions are there due to the years of research and work of engineers, labourers and industrial machinery. This is just one example and of course a drop in the ocean of how Hiremech, with our modern fleet of CAT forklift trucks and other industrial paraphernalia have kept London moving.


Wembley Stadium

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