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The Benefits of Buying a New Forklift Truck – guest post

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Hitec Forklift Trucks

As we are approaching 20 years in business we have of course made some great friends. One of which is Hitec lift trucks, who are a forklift truck company based in Wellingborough.

We decided it would be a good idea to exchange blog ideas with Hitec, hence today’s blog entry was written by our friends @ Hitec lift trucks.

One of the most important benefits of a new truck is the Reliability. You know once you purchase a new truck there are no hidden damages that may cost you in the long run. Knowing the machinery is brand new, you can be reassured that your costs will be minimised as a result. This, in-turn means the machine will be more effective due to:

  1. 1.    Piece of mind for long warranty period
  2. 2.    No need for downtime, and finally…
  3. 3.    Parts less likely to need to be replaced or fixed.

Not only will a new truck reduce potential costs but under Health and Safety regulations, it will be fitted with the latest and safest features. Although pretty self-explanatory the welfare of employees and general productivity increases with the purchase of a new truck.

Something that comes with the benefits of health and safety features is the Technology. This technology can lead to better productivity. Productivity will be a direct result of the new features provided by the new truck, but these new and adaptive features also proved another important aspect in the workplace; an increase in work morale.

With the sense of reassurance that comes with buying a new truck, means that your valued money and time can be better spent in other areas of your business. Employees can be at their most productive knowing the machine will sustain longer periods of time without failure.

The usual warranty that comes with a new truck should provide another sense of reassurance for you, particularly when you work in industries such as Home removal, Office Moving or Storage Services as one of many of our previous clients. Unlike a used truck where warranty is difficult to obtain, it is usually provided with your purchase for a respectable time, and again within a legitimate contract upon your purchase meaning no hidden charges or unexpected payments if it was to need repairing.

Using Social Media in the Forklift Industry

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Today, Facebook is used by 1.11 billion people in the world. With social networks expanding, and new craze’s taking the internet by storm every year, it accompanies the growth of businesses using the sites to capitalise on potential advertisement and networking. Although this is a useful tool, it can also be used to show other aspects of a company.

  • Staff achievements are a great way to emit a sense of workplace satisfaction. For example uploading photos and updates of the staff football team shows how a company is in touch with their staff, demonstrating perhaps a different more caring side to the company.
  • Advertising charity events on Facebook is another great way to show how in-touch a business is with affairs outside its trade. Building up a good company image, yet also advertisement for (for example) charity events can be successful in a number of ways.
  • Regular updates on new staff members or individual achievements is a great way to involve staff in another aspect of the business. This will also improve employee relationships and thus productivity.
  • Twitter is another social media site that can provide your company with another branch to be in touch with employees and customers. By advertising offers and deals, or again company news such as the results of a staff pub quiz night can be beneficial in not only employee-employer relations, but show another side of the company to prospective and existing customers.

YouTube is perhaps best known for its music and comedy. Yet the opportunity for businesses to capitalise on advertising their products is recognised by few. Most commonly it’s utilised by companies demonstrating particularly useful information on products for customers. Videos about forklifts operating in various applications can be helpful for those deciding what product to buy, or simply searching for forklift dealers. Another advantage to YouTube is that it can be used to present and launch new products.

Introducing the latest Version 2 Goupil G5 Hybrid & Electric Van

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Through intensive research and development programmes, Goupil have given the G5 range a revamp and upgrade to G5 V2.

It may look the same as its predecessor G5 V1, but the electrical systems amongst a number of refinements have been upgraded in-line with the most common feedback points.  Goupil are a company who care; both about their products & end users which is demonstrated by their continued support and development programmes for the full line up of their range.
With the end user in mind the new drive setup is geared towards higher top speed capability, meaning it’s easier to keep up with traffic flow in electric mode.  With the addition of new goodies such as power steering, central locking and a new line up of body options, the G5 makes a great all round addition to any fleet.  From urban deliveries, chilled food deliveries (-20c to 12c Class C) and waste bin collections the G5 has it covered saving your business money, increasing productivity and slashing your carbon foot print by up to 4.8 tons per year.

Summary of new features:

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Central locking options
  • 72v Battery System – Improved top speed 33mph in electric-only mode
  • New 72v AC Drive Motor – Increasing speed usually comes at a cost, however the new motor actually delivers more mid-range torque over the previous design
  • Cab Refinements – Improved door design and cabin soundproofing for a quieter experience
  • Hybrid Drive System – Smoother transition between electric and engine
  • Body Options – Now include Reefer Van, Litter Bin Collector, Watering/High Pressure Washer and Leaf Collector along with the original Pick Up, Box Van & Tipper variants

Feel free to give us a call and let us show you how much you can save with our handy life cost comparison showing real life savings over a conventional van.

Click here to request more information or to arrange a test drive…

Follow the link to the brochure:

Keep safe, keep experienced

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Having a Fork Truck in the workplace shouldn’t need to cause any worry or concern if it is used safely and by drivers with competence. However, most of the time extremely dangerous accidents can occur when the driver has not been trained correctly to operate the truck safely.
There is a legal requirement of training which employees must possess before they can operate certain types of truck, even if they only operate the equipment occasionally.
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that between 2001/2002 to 2005/2006 there were 21,190 personal injury accidents involving forklift trucks and of these 94 were fatal, 5758 were major and 15,338 resulted in people being off work for 3 or more days. On average forklift trucks are involved in 24% of all workplace transport accidents.
This just goes to show that the vast amount of accidents only needs the correct measures taken to ensure the workplace remains safe.
We are an accredited RTITB forklift training provider and offer industry recognised training courses that educate the candidate on the operator safety code, how to operate a truck, basic manoeuvring, load handling & how to inspect and maintain a forklift efficiently for both experienced and non- experienced users.
As we are flexible we can provide training on your site for your convenience, or at our well-equipped training site with the best resources and professionally qualified instructors. We can also cater for individuals who wish to gain or refresh their licence. For the safety and welfare of your employees and to comply with workplace regulations, feel free to give us a call to book your course now.

Social Networking: Reach Out To Customers!

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The internet is an ever evolving global system that has become an integral function in our everyday lives. To a business, the internet is arguably one of the most profitable and valued resources a company can use to generate and maintain efficient business solutions. Statistically, 2.7 billion people are accessing the Internet to date and over 70% use the internet every day. Out of these mind blowing statistics, over 1.15 billion people use online social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. Facebook alone harbours 500 million users who log in every day.
Social networking tools can vastly improve exposure of a business to attract potential customers. Making a positive impression to your customers with an aesthetic online appearance increases your chances of generating new business. It gives the business a chance to expose customers to the company’s mission and philosophy, not just the products and services they offer.
At the present, Facebook is an extremely popular medium to enhance a business’ customer relationships while building new ones. It is also the leading source for B2C lead generation and referred social media traffic to websites, while LinkedIn is equally effective at providing customers for B2B marketers.
Please follow Hiremech on Facebook and Twitter, where we will be posting news and updates of the company and the industry.
Social Media

Hiremech Electric Vehicles – Mega, Tata and now Goupil? What’s going on here?

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Mega acquisition by Goupil / Polaris

Mega 2As most of you are aware, Hiremech are a long-standing London based Aixam Mega dealer (2007 – 2012) and still continue to service and maintain the many hundreds of Mega’s in London & Surrounding areas. As a Mega specialist we continue to offer new and used parts, servicing, maintenance and breakdowns, so business as usual.

We had a spate of dealing with Tata Electric Vehicles, which some of you may remember for a brief while in 2012.  However, the Tata Ace van was just not fit for the UK market and the program was dropped shortly after we backed out. After much evaluation we found Goupil.

Mega 3


In late 2012, we officially became a Goupil dealer for their line-up of Electric and Hybrid Utility vehicles for the Goupil G3 & G5 range.  Aixam and Goupil have been longs standing French allies, competing in Europe for market share.


Mega 1

Why Goupil?
Goupil are Europe’s largest Electric Vehicle manufacturer. In fact, Goupil are the only Electric Vehicle manufacturer to base their core business around Electric Vehicles.  Goupil were recently acquired by Polaris Industries Inc., who are an American giant specialising in many a manor of vehicles including ATV’s, Snowmobiles and Motorbikes.  Interesting fact: Polaris recently acquired the Indian Motor Brand and has re-launched this iconic motorbike alongside their Victory Range.  Enough side tracking you say, so what is the point of the Polaris acquisition?


Mega City

Well with Polaris’ base of utility vehicles, components, expertise and financial support, Goupil were able to accelerate research and development for the Goupil vehicle line up. This essentially ironed out all the known issues and provided component upgrades, thus making the Goupil the latest and greatest in its market price band.


So what happened to Mega?
Polaris… also acquired Aixam Mega, adding Aixam to their ever-growing portfolio of electric vehicles!  Polaris also owns the American GEM range of electric vehicles.


How to be Environmentally Friendly AND maintain efficient Material’s Handling Operations?

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As advancements in technology progress and more companies look for ways to begin helping the environment, it is not only becoming more and more cost effective to ‘go green’, it just makes sound business sense. By Conserving resources and cutting down on waste you are not only saving money, but helping our environment by reducing the size of your carbon footprint.
Being ‘Environmentally Friendly’ couldn’t be easier with our DP15-35N – GP15-35N Forklift Truck Range. The 5 pre-set performance settings allow the operator to match the truck to all situations and the Electric ‘Steer-by-wire’ system with force feedback requires no hydraulics to operate (3 wheel models) and reduces energy consumption. Advanced AC technology provides fast lift and travel speeds for quicker and efficient work cycles.
Bright LED working lights give improved visibility in confined areas as well as easy access to all components, contributing to quicker maintenance.
Forklifts trucks are renowned for being noisy machines, but the Standard belly plates ensure a clean engine compartment, resulting in a reduction of noise levels.
As well as the environmentally friendly and maintenance features, the High visibility mast, overhead guard, double action parking brake & audible alarm are but a few of the safety features designed to keep the operator safe.



Do Not Accept “Half Measures!”

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LOLER Inspections are vital for ensuring that your lifting equipment is fit for purpose and is safe for use. We pride ourselves in offering quality and thorough LOLER Inspections that are passed by our professional engineers. However most companies only inspect half the truck, rendering the other half potentially unsafe and could cause accidents in the workplace.
We have been accredited under the CFTS (Consolidated Fork Truck Services) Standard scheme to thoroughly service trucks, meaning you will get the best possible quality service and peace of mind. It is important to follow Health & Safety regulations for lifting equipment in the workplace, as failure to comply could result in heavy prosecution.
If you have a truck that needs inspecting, we would be happy to help to ensure it complies with these regulations. Our engineers will be on hand to advise you on what needs to be done to achieve quality standards for lifting equipment.
Please follow the link to our ‘LOLER’ Inspection section, which will provide you with an entertaining video, outlining the quality standards of the CFTS that you should expect from any Inspection. Also look out for this logo, which will identify companies that maintain the same standard.

This mark symbolises quality & thorough examination

This mark symbolises quality & thorough examination

Anti-Dumping Duty Increased Tax Duty

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There has recently been a dramatic change in the Anti-Dumping Duty imposed on Companies supplying Pallet Trucks by the EU. A bill was signed in Brussels on the 24th of April 2013 changing the tax from 7.6% to 70.8%.

The Anti-Dumping Duty (ADD) is an import duty charged in addition to normal customs duty and is applied across the whole European Community. It is designed to allow the EC to take action against goods that are sold at less than their normal value.

This will have an effect on Pallet Truck customers as the costs will be significantly higher. We would advise all our customers that you should only purchase trucks from an established supplier, as the customer would be held liable for any unpaid tax if the supplier evades payment.

At Hiremech, we can assure all of our customers that our Pallet Trucks are purchased from a trusted source, designed with excellent quality keeping the ease and safety of the user in mind and are priced very competitively.

Hiremech Employee Ryan Edwards nominated for apprentice of the year award

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 Hiremech Apprentice

Welcome to the new Hiremech blog which we are enjoying keeping updated for you

We are very proud to announce that our very own employee Ryan Edwards, who has been with the company for several months now, had been nominated for the First Rung apprenticeship of the year award.

The ceremony took place at the RAF museum in Hendon and was attended by First Rung learning providers, members of the London Youth Support Trust and Haringey Council. The inspiring evening featured speeches by the heads of the First Rung organisation and personal accounts from previous First Rung Learners about how First Rung has changed their life for the better.

Additionally, a number of learners amazed the audience with performances of singing and rapping, accompanied with gratitude from the director of First Rung.

Ryan received second place at the event and we are proud to have him as part of the Hiremech team.

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